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Seasonal Domestic Visitors

Picture Domestic Visitation in NTB by Month (2013-2017)
Central Bureau of Statistics – Provinsi NTB in Figures

September seems to be the peak season for domestic visits in NTB, with 544,200 visitors in 2016 and 490,000 visitors in 2017. The months of July and August can be considered high-season as they approach September. This pattern is expected since those months to coincide with the general period for school holidays in Indonesia. On the other hand, as illustrated, the months with the lowest number of domestic visitors in NTB are between October and March with around 100,000 visitors each month. This low season is also not surprising because of the weather in Lombok, and Indonesia in general, during these months. Being largely beach and maritime based tourism, the rainy season - which can begin immediately after October and runs through April - will significantly affect tourism entering Lombok.

 Seasonal Foreign Visitors

Picture Foreign Visitation in NTB by Month (2013-2017)
Central Bureau of Statistics – Provinsi NTB in Figures

 There is a slight difference in the season for foreign visitors compared to their domestic counterparts. Visually, compared to domestic seasonality, seasonal charts for foreign visits are relatively more normally distributed. As illustrated above, although the peak season in 2016 falls in July, the peak month in general is not as clear as seasonal domestic visitors. However, it can be said that the busy season in NTB falls between July and September with up to 200,000 visitors a month. This is also not surprising because it coincides with the long summer holidays of European visitors, who as previously determined are the highest contributors to international visits. On the other hand, similar to the seasonal pattern of domestic visitors, the low season for foreign visitors in NTB generally falls between November and March, wherein 2013 to 2017 the number of foreign arrivals was recorded below 50,000 every month, coinciding with the rainy season in the region.

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