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Annual WorkPlan (AWP)

The preparation of the Annual Work Plan (Annual Work Plan) aims to ensure the availability of the budget to adequately finance activities in accordance with the RIPT in terms of quantity, integrated, complementary and timely. The program Coordinating Team and CPMU will synchronize the budget from the APBN including Foreign Loans and Grants (PHLN), Provincial APBD, and Regency / City APBD. The preparation of the Annual Work Plan is done 1 (one) year before the TA is running (T-1) according to the APBN / APBD cycle.

The preparation of the Annual Work Plan at the Center includes the following activities: (a) Identification of activities in the RIPT that must be budgeted by the K / L supporting each component; (b) Screening of Component-2 activities in the RIPT that have met readiness criteria such as feasibility studies, detailed technical designs (DED), land availability and compliance with ESMF provisions; (c) Proposing activities that have met the readiness criteria to the Coordination Team; (d) Discussion of budget synchronization by the Coordination Team; (e) Submission of the Annual Work Plan (AWP) to the World Bank for activities funded by PHLN; and (f) Proposal of activities according to RIPT by each K / L to be included in the Government Work Plan (RKP) and DIPA.

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