Project Location Toba

Investment Opportunity

Improving the quality of tourist destinations tends to create new investment opportunities. In addition to investment in accommodation facilities, restaurants, tour guide operators, sports facilities or alternative tourism, investment is also open for business fields such as:

  1. Private electricity supplier
  2. Housing development for the community
  3. Animal breeding/ agriculture as a tourist attraction
  4. Solid Waste recycle management 
  5. Green-Hotel/ Tourism Consultation

Independent power producers (Independent Power Producers) are expected to adopt renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind or micro-hydro power. The development of renewable energy technology is getting better day by day and has resulted in more optimal energy capture and storage, such as the development of a "super battery" of "focused solar cells".

Answering, the power outages that are often extinguished in the Toba region today, indeed the government is working on increasing the capacity of existing electricity supply; but the use of renewable energy sources is predicted to have its own high demand.

Potential housing needs due to an increase in population are around 6000 housing units (livable) until 2045. The construction of these houses is estimated to require around 213.7 hectares of land. This opportunity is very good for development companies in Medan and Indonesia.

Animal breeding and agriculture which are managed in a traditional and modern hybrid, aside from having the potential to generate high profits, also have the potential to become a "study tour" and "experiencing" tourist attraction. Such tourism is widely developed in countries with dominant agricultural activity.

Waste recycling technology in the world continues to develop; in addition to overcoming pollution, also to utilize the economic value of processed waste. Increasing the number of visitors to the tour is definitely increasing the amount of organic and non-organic waste. The right investment in this field is certainly promising profit.

In P3TB activities, tourism facilities should adopt the "Green" principle. How to apply it and use it for business purposes, requires the help of professional experts.

In addition, investment activities can be seen in the Lake Toba Integrated Tourism Development Program document regarding the action plan program as follows.

  1. Procurement of cruise ships that surrounds Lake Toba area.
  2. Procurement of plastic counting, sieving, and press machine to make recycled raw material for plastic waste and compost.
  3. Amenitas development opportunities in the tourism area that will soon be revitalized, including the Free Beach - Inna Parapat Hotel, "Alun-alun" Parapat - Bung Karno Exile House, Tiga Raja (Fisherman) Village, Ajibata Harbor - Long Beach, Sosor Saba Terminal - Pantai Sosor Saba - Pantai Free, Ambarita Cluster Area (Huta Siallagan), Tuk Tuk Cluster Area, Tomok Cluster Area (Huta Sidabutar), City Gate Porous Area to Malau Liberti Park, Poros Malau Liberal Park to New Onan Market, Lake Segment Area waterfront) Pangururan - Tele, Aek Rangat Region, Tano Ponggol Region, Balerong Market Segment and east-west axis of Balige City, Balige HKBP Segment Area and Balige Regional General Hospital and the city center axis to the south, Tugu Segment Area DI Panjaitan and the city center shaft to the north, up to Sisingamangaraja Square XII, Segment Area Balige waterfront area.
  4. Ecotourism development in Sibandang Island and Ulos village in Muara.
  5. Development of animal breeding as a tourism destination.
  6. Operation of Kualanamu-Araskabu-Tebing Tinggi train.
  7. Pematang Siantar Railroad Development - Parapat.
  8. SID Pematang Siantar Railway - Brands - Kabanjahe.

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