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Key Tourism Area

Determination of KTA

In accordance with Government Regulation No. 50 of 2011 concerning the National Tourism Development Master Plan (Ripparnas) for 2010 - 2025, the territorial area of ??the National Tourism Destination (DPN) comprises 222 National Tourism Development Areas (KPPN) spread over 50 (fifty) DPNs. Around 88 (eighty eight) regions within the DPN are the National Tourism Strategic Areas (KSPN), which have the main function of tourism or have the potential for the development of national tourism which has important influence in one or more aspects, such as economic, social and cultural growth, empowerment natural resources, carrying capacity of the environment, and defense and security. For the Lake Toba region, the areas covered are Medan-Toba DPN and surrounding areas (dskt) which includes the Toba DSP KSPN, Tangkahan DSS KSPN, Medan City KPPN DSD, KPPN Bukit Lawang DSS, and KPPN Sibolga DSS.

Presidential Regulation No. 81 of 2014 concerning the Spatial Planning of Lake Toba and surrounding areas stipulates that the delineation of the Lake Toba Region is to follow the delineation of the catchment area and Catchment Area Treatment (CAT), which are located at coordinates 2 ° 10'3 ° 00 'North Latitude and 98 ° 24 ' East longitude. Referring to the regulation, the Lake Toba Area covers 8 (eight) districts in North Sumatra Province, which consists of Karo, Simalungun, Toba Samosir, North Tapanuli, Humbang Hasundutan, Samosir, Pakpak Bharat, and Dairi Regencies. The eight districts are referred to as the Tourism Development Area (TDA). Of the eight TDAs, 31 sub-districts directly bordering Lake Toba were chosen as the focus of development, 9 sub-districts in Samosir District, 1 sub-district in Dairi District, 1 sub-district in Karo District, 7 sub-districts in Simalungun District, 9 sub-districts in Toba Samosir District, 1 sub-district in North Tapanuli Regency, and 3 sub-districts in Humbang Hasundutan Regency.


A total of 6 (six) Key Tourism Areas (KTA) were then selected from 31 districts to be the focus of development detailed in the RIPT. A total of 4 (four) KTA, namely: Simanindo, Samosir, Balige, and Parapat will be prioritized in the first 5 (five) years. Two KTA proposed as new KTA, namely: Brand and Muara will be developed in the next five years. The development of the six KTA is expected to be a leverage for the development of tourism in Lake Toba. The six KTA selection criteria are based on Lake Toba's Market Analysis and Demand Assessment (2017) and the results of the analysis were reconfirmed through the baseline analysis of the Lake Toba RIPT (2019) which can be seen at the following link:


Regencies that do not have KTA still receive the attention of the Government of Indonesia, especially for access and fulfillment of basic services.


Tabel 1.1 Lake Toba Regional ITMP Delineation

Tourism Destination Area (TDA)

Key Tourism Area (KTA)

Regency of Samosir



Regency of Dairi


Regency of Karo


Regency of Simalungun

Parapat - Sibisa

Regency of Toba Samosir


Regency of Tapanuli Utara

Muara – Baktiraja

Regency of Humbang Hasundutan


Regency of Pakpak Bharat



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