Project Location Toba

Basic Infrastructure Services

One of the objectives of P3TB is to increase access to basic services and infrastructure that are important for the community and tourists; as well as for the protection of local natural and cultural wealth. In addition to tourists, the benefits must also be felt by local communities who experience lack of access to basic facilities and infrastructure such as drinking water, waste water, solid waste, and drainage. It is hoped that the development of basic infrastructure will strengthen environmental sustainability, improve health, hygiene and cleanliness, which together can increase tourist attraction.


To realize the above, it is necessary to know the current service conditions (existing), so that it can provide an overview of the gap in access to basic services that can affect tourism competitiveness, and can accelerate the government's commitment to providing basic infrastructure services in priority tourist destinations.

As a tourism destination, the Lake Toba tourist area, in terms of basic infrastructure services, is in conditions that there are still sectors that have not met the targets of the 2019-2024 RPJMN target. For more details, see the graph and link as follows.

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