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APBN/ APBD Contribution

Financial management is carried out based on the source of funds. For sources of funds that come entirely from pure rupiah, the APBN / APBD, financial management by each K / L of the regional government is guided by the state finance / treasury regulations that apply in the government / regional government. For funding sources partly or wholly from the World Bank's PHLN, financial management is carried out by each K / L based on the agreement on financial management procedures listed in Loan Agreement Number 8861-ID Integrated Infrastructure Development for National Tourism Strategic Areas (Program Integrated and Sustainable Tourism Development).

P3TB requires financing sources that are not only adequate in terms of quantity but also integrated, complementary and on time. This program is estimated to require funds of USD 772.9 million consisting of a World Bank Loan of USD 300 million, a grant of USD 2.1 million, Central Government participation of approximately USD 367.9 million and participation of local governments (province and district / city) of approximately USD 102.9 million. An overview of program financing can be seen in Table 1.

Table 1. Estimated Program Financing (In Million USD)

Program Component

Program Cost

Source of Funding

World Bank (IBRD)

Draft Grant

Government Contribution



Component – 1:

Increase Institutional Capacity to Facilitate Integrated and Sustainable Tourism Development






Component – 2:

Improve road quality and access to basic services related to tourism.






Component – 3:

Increase community participation and local businesses in the tourism sector.






Component – 4:

Improve a business climate that is conducive to private investment into the tourism sector.






Total of Cost






Sumber: Project Appraisal Document, May 8, 2018.

Based on the estimated detailed financing per component in Table 1, 89% of the funding requirements for Component-1 will be financed by World Bank Loans and the rest will be financed by Grants and APBN. The funding requirement for Component-2 will be financed by a World Bank loan of 35% and the rest by the APBN and APBD. Component-3 will be financed by a World Bank Loan at 55% and APBN by 45%. Meanwhile, Component-4 will be financed by World Bank Loans, and possible contributions from APBN, APBD, and other sources of funds (BUMN and private). Regarding the APBD, although it is only allocated for the inclusion of Component-2, local government support for the smooth running of the other three components is equally important. This is due to the characteristics of the program that emphasizes inter-component integration and the importance of full support from local governments in priority tourist destinations.

In order to meet the APBN / APBD / Other Fund Sources contribution in P3TB, a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or Standard Operating Procedure is required as a guideline for planning, implementing, and calculating the amount of APBN / APBD / Other Fund Sources that can be received as funding contributions according to the General Guidelines. (Pedum) P3TB.

Its purpose is to provide guidance in:

  1. Filter activities (sub-projects) APBN / APBD / Other Fund Sources that have been implemented in the 2018 FY, 2019 FY, and 2020 FY based on the criteria according to the P3TB Guidelines;Merencanakan kegiatan (sub-project) kontribusi APBN/APBD/ Sumber Dana Lainnya di TA 2021, TA 2022, dan TA 2023 berdasarkan Rencana Induk Pariwisata Terpadu (RIPT); 
  2. Planning activities (sub-projects) for the contribution of APBN / APBD / Other Fund Sources in FY 2021, FY 2022, and FY 2023 based on the Integrated Tourism Master Plan (RIPT);
  3. Monitor the results of the implementation of activities (sub-projects) APBN / APBD / Other Fund Sources for the period 2018-2023 FY against the indicators and targets for the success of P3TB; and
  4. Calculating the value of the APBN / APBD / Other Fund Sources contribution in P3TB.

The results of the recapitulation of the contribution of the 2018 and 2019 Lombok APBN / APBD can be seen in the table below:

 For more details regarding the Lombok APBN / APBD Contribution and Standard Operating Procedures as guidelines for planning, implementing, and calculating the amount of APBN / APBD / Other Fund Sources that can be received as funding contributions, see the link below:


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