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Investment Opportunity

Lombok, like island-shaped tourist sites, has three things that always attract tourists: beaches, mountains and forests. Plus Lombok has a community with an interesting culture. Without being promoted, local and foreign tourists "try" to set foot on the island of Lombok. It can still be remembered in the 1980s, tourists had to take ferries from the port of Padang Bai Bali to reach the island of Lombok. Then, the flow of tourists from Bali more and more from year to year; so it is often called that Lombok is flooded with "spill" tourists from Bali. Actually Lombok has its own uniqueness; tourist testimonials prove it; one of them says that Lombok is still "natural" and not too "crowded" like Bali.

However, the important thing here is that the tourism business climate in Lombok is accelerating, although it has been momentarily stopped due to Covid19. Strategic lands in Lombok have been dominated by potential investors, who are waiting for "time" to start building a business. However, other investors still have many choices to enter Lombok. The government, through the BUMN managing the Mandalika area, has prepared a tourism area that has tidy infrastructure, like a real-estate area. Investors only need to adjust their investment scale to the site plans available at Mandalika; whether to build large hotels, medium hotels, villas, or amenities such as restaurants and entertainment venues.

Even more interesting, for investors, the government is currently working on the Integrated and Sustainable Tourism Development Program (P3TB) in the whole Lombok island region. If Mandalika is in Central Lombok, the P3TB will touch West, North, East Lombok and Mataram City. Infrastructure improvements will be massive and comprehensive; and most importantly oriented to the comfort of tourists. That is, investors do not need to wait anymore, they must act immediately; do not until when tourists have started arriving, investors are late to profit. Investment can not only be made in the "Key Tourism Area" (Core Tourism Area) but also on roads that contact one destination to another; known as "Tourism Related Road" (TRR); try to pay attention to the roads between tourist destinations in Bali at this time, so will happen in Lombok.


In addition, investment activities can be seen in the Lombok Integrated Tourism Development Program document regarding the action plan program as follows.

  1. Ecotourism development in the conservation and restoration of coral reefs, birds, mangroves.
  2. Development of commercial areas in the coastal areas.
  3. Development of water and air sports and game facilities.
  4. Construction of a club house.
  5. Construction of resort hotels and commercial hotels.
  6. Mall construction

Availability of Land to Invest in the Tourism Industry in Lombok

The Indonesian government is well aware that the tourism sector is one of the mainstay sectors in the development of the national economy, both as a foreign exchange earner and as a driver for the growth and development of other sectors. Through the support of the World Bank, the government has launched the Integrated and Sustainable Tourism Development Program (P3TB) for 10 (ten) Priority Tourism Destinations which are spread across a number of regions in Indonesia, one of which is Lombok.
The direction of Lombok tourism development in the future is outlined in the Lombok Priority Tourism Destination Master Plan (RIDPP) 2020-2045, which among other things shows the direction of development (development scenario), which has implications for the dissemination / strengthening of infrastructure support and basic services as well as various other tourism components. as; Accessibility, Attractions, and Ammenities with the emphasis on certain locations.
Of course, based on the direction of development as referred to above, it is necessary to realize it through the support of various funding sources including the private sector. It is also realized that one of the obstacles to the entry of private intervention in Lombok tourism development through the investment that will be made is the problem of land availability in accordance with its allocation.
On this occasion, the availability of a number of land plots scattered in West Lombok, Central Lombok and East Lombok, whose location and designation is in accordance with the Lombok RIDPP 2020-2045, is presented, such as for the construction of (artificial) tourism accommodation and attractions. The description of the land in question is presented below.

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