Project Location Borobudur-Yogyakarta-Prambanan

Investment Opportunity

The number of tourists visiting the Yogyakarta region and its surroundings is still not overtaking Bali. Yogya is still under Bali in successfully bringing tourists, with 13.3 million tourists per year in 2018 (while Bali has reached 15 million tourists per year). If in Bali the portion of the number of foreign tourists reaches 39%; in Yogya, foreign tourists only reach 3%. That is, Yogya and its surroundings are more visited by domestic tourists. If you look further, from the domestic visitors to Yogya, 42% are categorized as travelers (excursionist) and not tourist, because they do not stay in the tourist area for more than 24 hours.

Seeing the pattern of tourists as above, the investment which is predicted to enter the BYP region is investment related to visiting under 24 hours. Amusement parks, sports facilities, cultural tourism objects, religious tourism objects, natural and agricultural tourism objects, tourism villages are a form of investment that promises good profits.

With the existence of P3TB activities that improve infrastructure facilities, the Borobudur, Yogya and Prambanan areas also require private investment such as:

  1. Transport facilities from the parking area to zone 1 tourist destination.
  2. Restaurants and souvenir shops at the rest areas
  3. Tour guides services (including nature/ adventure tours)
  4. Renewable energy power generation facilities (solar, micro-hydro, wind, bio-gas, etc)
  5. Green Tourism Consultant

It should also be noted here about the "interruption" of private efforts to build "cable car" transportation facilities in the Borobudur area. Actually the facility can be built as long as it is outside the limited area of Borobudur World Heritage. UNESCO, always reminds that a world heritage site must adhere to Universal Value Standards that have been agreed around the world. However, cable car investment can still be done in the Bukit Menoreh area or other locations that are also interesting.

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