Project Location Project Location

Project Location

P3TB will be implemented at 3 (three) selected tourism destinations, they are:

  1. The areas surround Lake in North Sumatera province;
  2. The areas surround Borobudur-Yogyakarta-Prambanan in Central Java and Special Region of Yogyakarta provinces; and
  3. Lombok Island in West Nusa Tenggara province.

There are some selected key tourism areas in each selected tourism destinations that will be the focus of planning and development of tourism infrastructures. Preliminary identification of administrative limit of the selected tourism destinations and selected key tourism areas in the 3 (three) selected destinations is presented on Table I.2. On each of the selected tourism destination, Integrated Tourism Master Plan Compilation or Rencana Induk Pariwisata Terpadu (RIPT) will be composed to comprise 25-year plan that cover one destination as a targeted area and 5-year detailed plan for respective key area.

Table I.2 Limitation of Selected Tourism Destination and Selected Key Tourism Areas


Priority Tourism Destinations




Selected Key Tourism Area



Administrative Limit


Administrative Limit


Lombok Island

Gili Islands and Senggigi Area and Coastal development to the north

Sub District of (West Lombok);

Sub District of Pemenang (North Lombok)

Sub District of Tanjung (North Lombok)

South Coast

Sub District of Pujut (Central Lombok)

Sub District of Praya Barat (Central Lombok)

Sub District of Sekotong (West Lombok)

Sub District of Jerowaru (East Lombok)


Sub District of Tempuran; Sub District of Mertoyudan; Sub District of Muntilan; Sub District of Borobudur; Sub District of Mungkid (Regency of Magelang)

Sub District of Prambanan (Regency of Sleman);

Sub District of Prambanan (Regency of Klaten);

Yogyakarta City.


Sub District of Borobudur (Magelang)

Sub District of Mungkid (Magelang)



Sub District of Prambanan (Sleman);

Sub District of Prambanan (Klaten);


Sub District of Kraton (Yogyakarta City)

Sub District of Gedongtengen (Yogyakarta City)

Sub District of Danurejan (Yogyakarta City)

Sub District of Ngampilan (Yogyakarta City)

Sub District of Kotagede (Yogyakarta City)

Sub District of Gondomanan (Yogyakarta City)

Lake Toba

Pursuant to Presidential Regulation No. 81 No 2014 regarding Spatial Plan of Lake Toba and Surrounding areas

Parapat and surrounding areas

Sub District of Girsang Sipangan Bolon (Simalungun)

(Part of) Samosir Island

Sub District of Simanindo (Samosir)

Sub District of Pangururan (Samosir)


Sub District of Balige (Toba Samosir)

Additional 27 Sub Districts for sanitation and solid waste program to address lake water pollution and sanitation problem

Sub District of Silahisabungan, Merek, Muara, Baktiraja, Lintongnihuta, Paranginan, Pematang Silimahuta, Silimakuta, Purba, Haranggaol Horison, Dolok Pardamean, Pematang Sidamanik, Ajibata, Lumban Julu, Uluan, Porsea, Siantar Narumonda, Sigumpar, Laguboti, Tampahan, Sianjur Mulamula, Harian, Sitiotio, Balige, Nainggolan, Onan Runggu, Palipi and Ronggur Nihut.

Refer to the definition of administrative limit of “Selected Tourism Destination” and “Selected Key Areas” on the above Table, the following provinces and cities/districts are eligible and can be the participating provinces and cities/districts in P3TB (Table 1.3).

Table I.3 Eligible Provinces and Cities/Districts that can be participating Provinces and Cities/Districts in P3TB


Selected Tourism Destination: Administrative Limit

Eligible Province/City/District to participate


Lombok Island

West Nusa Tenggara Province

Regency of West Lombok

Regency of North Lombok

Regency of Central Lombok

Regency of East Lombok

Mataram City


Sub District of Tempuran (Regency of Magelang)

Sub District of Mertoyudan (Regency of Magelang)

Sub District of Muntilan (Regency of Magelang)

Sub District of Borobudur (Regency of Magelang)

Sub District of Mungkid (Regency of Magelang)

Sub District of Prambanan (Regency of Sleman);

Sub District of Prambanan (Regency of Klaten);

Yogyakarta City

Central Java Province

Special Region of Yogyakarta

Regency of Magelang

Regency of Sleman

Regency of Klaten

Yogyakarta City

Lake Toba

Pursuant to Presidential Regulation No. 81 No 2014 regarding Spatial Plan of Lake Toba and Surrounding areas

North Sumatra Province

Regency of Karo

Regency of Simalungun

Regency of Toba Samosir

Regency of Tapanuli Utara

Regency of Humbang Hasundutan

Regency of Samosir

Regency of Dairi

Regency of Pakpak Bharat

The government is preparing for the scale-up of the Project (across all four components and using ITMPs) to Batch 2 destinations, namely: (i) Labuan Bajo/Komodo National Park Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara Province, (b) Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi Province, and (c) Bromo-Tengger-Semeru in East Java Province. The total costs for these destinations are yet to be calculated, and financing sources are likely to include (i) $2.8 million in grant financing, and (ii) government financing and/or further multilateral financing. The government intends to scale-up and restructure the original Project to include these destinations to allow it to utilize the loan financing for these destinations too.

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