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Recommended Tourist Destinations in Wakatobi, Beautiful Pieces of Paradise Whose Name has Gone Global

Recommended Tourist Destinations in Wakatobi, Beautiful Pieces of Paradise Whose Name has Gone Global - Indonesia has many beautiful tourist destinations, one of which is Wakatobi which is located in the Southeast Sulawesi Regency.

Wakatobi is likened to a piece of heaven whose name has gone global, of course because of its beauty.

Quoted from Wikipedia, Wakatobi regency is one of the regencies in Southeast Sulawesi province. The capital of Wakatobi district is located in wangi-wangi district. Which was formed based on the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 29 of 2003, dated (18/12/2003) with an area of 473.62 km² and in 2021 has a population of 111,402 people.

Wakatobi is one of the many beautiful regions in Indonesia. Anyone will be fascinated by its natural beauty ranging from national to foreign tourists.

Not surprisingly, Wakatobi is chosen by many tourist destination hunters who endlessly explore the paradise of the world.

In summary of hypeabisid uploads, here are the tourist destinations in Wakatobi as an illustration of the pieces of paradise whose name is worldwide.

1. The Beauty of Underwater Park With an area of 1.39 million hectares.

Wakatobi Islands National Park has at least 50 diving points for snorkeling or diving activities.   Wakatobi also has 750 species of coral reefs out of a total of 850 species that exist in the world. No wonder this archipelago is known as a paradise for divers.  

2. Dolphin Attractions on Kapota Island

In the Wakatobi islands, tourists can also enjoy dolphin watching tourist attractions around Kapota Island.

Reporting from the Kemenparekraf page to get to the tourist destination, you only need to travel for 15 minutes from Wangi-Wangi Island by boat.

3. The Expanse of Green Savanna at Khayangan Peak.

The location of this destination is located in the eastern part of Tomia Island, the peak of which is the best spot to enjoy the panoramic view of Wakatobi's natural beauty from a height.

4. Historical Tour in Liya Togo Village

The beauty of Wakatobi is not only from the beach, but also from the buildings of traditional houses of the Buton people in Liya Togo Village on Wangi-Wangi Island.

In this village, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the architecture of the Banua Tada traditional house in the form of a stage with a rumbia roof.

5. The Charm of Lake Sombano in Kaledupa

In Wakatobi there is also a destination worth visiting, namely Lake Sombano which is located on Kaledupa Island.

This lake is also known as Lake Akkua'a Nulumu, here tourists can enjoy the crystal clear water and see the unique red shrimp population.