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Golo Koe Festival in Labuan Bajo, Begins with the Ritual of Asking for Ancestral Blessings

Golo Koe Festival in Labuan Bajo, Begins with the Ritual of Asking for Ancestral Blessings

LABUAN BAJO, - Golo Koe Labuan Bajo Festival, West Manggarai Regency, NTT, officially started on Monday (8/8/2022). Before starting the festival, the organizing committee first performed the Teing Hang ritual at the West Manggarai Regent's Office, Sunday (7/8/22) afternoon. Teing Hang is a traditional Manggarai ritual to feed and ask for the blessings of ancestors so that the activities held run safely, smoothly, and without interruption.

Chairman of the Golo Koe Festival, Yulianus Weng said, the activity involved Manggarai Raya Catholics who still hold Manggarai customs. Thus, the Teing Hang ritual is very important to be carried out as a form of respect for ancestors. "We must not forget the culture. That custom we must uphold. Although there is a diocese here, but traditionally we before carrying out major activities, the term is that we must excuse our ancestors, to the meritorious people who have preceded us," the Deputy Regent of West Manggarai explained, to the media crew on Monday.

He explained that in the ritual, his party also asked for the blessing of the ancestors so that the residents of Manggarai Raya were kept away from all dangers. "We hope that this festival will be held well, safely, smoothly and successfully as planned as well. All those who participated were also in good health. Come healthy, go home healthy too," he said.

He revealed that as many as 97 parishes under the auspices of the Ruteng Diocese took part in the success of the Golo Koe Festival. Two host parishes within Labuan Bajo City, namely Toh Kudus Parish and Wae Kesambi Parish are ready to welcome the arrival of the participants. Meanwhile, Father Inosensius Sutam, the head of the cultural and tourism commission of the Ruteng Diocese, said the Teing Hang ritual was very important to be carried out to ask for blessings from the ancestors.

Thus, the Golo Koe Festival can run smoothly and have a positive impact on the local community. He also advised the entire Manggarai community to become actors and connoisseurs of Labuan Bajo tourism. Because the beauty of Labuan Bajo tourism is intended for everyone, including the local community. "On the occasion of this festival, we are invited to become actors and connoisseurs of tourism. If people from afar can enjoy the big cake that's here, why do people here die in front of this big cake," he added.