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Hospitality Key to NTB Becoming a Tourist Destination

Hospitality Key to NTB Becoming a Tourist Destination

MATARAM- The development of NTB tourist areas must be accompanied by the best service for those who come on vacation to this area.

"NTB is a very beautiful, fertile area, and a tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Then it is not a necessity but a necessity for all of us to really be able to maintain and be the best service provider for all guests who come. On what side, it is clear that hospitality or service is also hospitality," said Deputy Governor of NTB Hj Sitti Rohmi Djalilah.

According to him, this is very important in order to bring a good impression to visitors who come to NTB. Because this is needed for guests who come to NTB.

"Visitors who come on vacation to NTB will pay attention to this," he added.

Plus NTB has an arrival entrance which is also the key to the arrival of tourists and visitors. Starting from Gili Mas Port, Lembar Port, Kayangan Port, ZAM International Airport. "All of these entrances must be driven by beauty, health and comfort," he explained.

He also emphasized that NTB has tourist attractions that are not inferior to those abroad. He also gave the example of Sembalun, one of them. The tourist attractions in East Lombok are already similar to Switzerland if the environment is healthy, if there is no garbage everywhere, if all public places are clean, they are well maintained even though it is simple. All of this requires hard work in addition to opd stakeholders, but also the role of the community in the tourist attraction area. The mindset of society must be changed.

"Talking about the environment in tourist attractions is not talking about others but about ourselves and it must start with ourselves," he explained.

Meanwhile, Astindo NTB Chairman Sahlan M Saleh said tourism and hospitality are interrelated. For business owners in the tourism sector, of course, they must provide the best facilities and services. This is done so that tourists who visit can get satisfaction and pleasure.

"Tourism business people will implement hospitality which is the provision of good and excellent service to tourists," he said.