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Empowering MSMEs, Lotim Local Government Grants Land for Culinary Tourism

Empowering MSMEs, Lotim Local Government Grants Land for Culinary Tourism

East Lombok (Inside Lombok) The East Lombok Regency Government (Pemkab) gave 10 acres of land to Paokmotong Village, in the former Paokmotong Market, to be used as a place for MSMEs in the former Paokmotong Market.

East Lombok Regional Secretary, H M Juaini Taufiq said that currently the Tobacco Products Industrial Estate (KIHT) project is almost complete. So that the Lotim Regency Government wants some of the land that has been given to villages in the KIHT project to be used for the empowerment of local MSMEs.

"This 10-acre land is located on the east side of KIHT, and it will later be used as a culinary tourism area," he explained, Friday (27/01//2023).

The 10-acre land is left out of the KIHT development and the management will be handed over to the village. However, his party hopes that Paok Motong District Head can manage it well, so as not to look shabby. "We want to build a culinary tourism center there, for example, I imagine there is a place for coffee, snacks, iftar. Because the position is also on the side of the state road, for this reason, comfort will also be an attraction," said the Secretary of State.

Currently, the East Lombok Regional Government is said to be focusing on developing culinary tourism in East Lombok. This is because, East Lombok has a diversity of typical foods that deserve to be widely introduced.

According to Juaini, the development of this culinary tourism requires a marketing place and is one of the most important to pay attention to. Because the place to eat is said to be the largest contributor to Regional Original Income (PAD), especially if you look at its development in Mataram City.

"Why do we grow culinary tourism, restaurant hotel taxes. The city of Mataram lives from there, we want East Lombok to learn from there," he explained.

For example, Sekda did, as Mixue did in East Lombok, which currently pays a tax of IDR 29 million per month. so that if many restaurants in East Lombok can pay like that, it will automatically have an impact on increasing east Lombok PAD.