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WSBK Tickets Are Insanely Discounted

WSBK Tickets Are Insanely Discounted

PRAYA The Mandalika Grand Prix Association (MGPA) is giving crazy discounts in the sale of World Superbike (WSBK) tickets that will take place at the Mandalika Circuit. On March 3-4. This discount was announced by MGPA in the previous WSBK ticket launch in 2023.

President Director of MGPA, Priandhi Satria stated, several times international events have been successfully held, one of which is World Superbike in 2021 in 2022. This is something to be grateful for because WSBK 2022 at the Mandalika Circuit was successfully held. This also proves that Indonesia has organized international racing and made many people proud. "What's more, in the WSBK in 2022, it managed to break the world audience record after England.

So at the WSBK event in 2023, MGPA provides crazy ticket discounts of up to 75 percent. Compared to WSBK in 2022, the discount is only given to residents of NTB Province and it is also only 50 percent, but this time it is comprehensive," said Priandhi Satria, Sunday (29/1).

Please note, continued Priandhi, the 75 percent discount for WSBK 2023 tickets is valid until January 31, 2023. Furthermore, the discount will be reduced again to 50 percent for certain regions. "For that, hurry up and buy WSBK 2023 Mandalika tickets so you can get this crazy discount," priandhi exclaimed.

The cheapest tickets are sold for Rp 50,000 for a GA Festival daily pass. While the most expensive presale ticket is Rp 312,500 for regular three-day grandstand and premium grandstand pass. So because the time for this crazy discount is limited, it is hoped that the public can get it soon.

"For the list price of WSBK Mandalika presale tickets which are valid until January 31 and while supplies are still in place for the GA Sunday Pass festival of IDR 50,000 and 3 Day Pass of IDR 62,500. As for the Regular Grandstand, the Sunday Pass is IDR 250,000 and the 3 Day Pass is IDR 312,500 and the premium Grandstand for the Sunday Pass is IDR 250,000 and the 3 Day Pass is IDR 312,500," he explained.

As a form of support for Indonesia's proud racers, MGPA has also provided an Access Card Track Day for Mario Aji. Mario Aji is one of the nation's children who is still actively racing in Moto 3, one of the international races besides MotoGP and WSBK. The young man whose full name is Mario Suryo Aji is an Indonesian motorcycle racer who competes for the Honda Team Asia team in the 2022 Moto3 season. Mario Suryo Aji was born in Magetan, East Java, on March 16, 2004. Since childhood, Mario has shown his talent and interest in motorcycle racing.

"We hope that Mario Aji can build Indonesia in the future and with the support we provide, we hope that Mario Aji can becomeone of Indonesia's representatives in MotoGP," he hoped.