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Beautiful and Exotic East Lombok Tourism, Must Stop by

Beautiful and Exotic East Lombok Tourism, Must Stop by - East Lombok is one of the districts in Lombok. This area is one of the regencies located in the east of the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia, which has thousands of cities in the Selong district.

Like many people's imagination about Lombok as an interesting destination, East Lombok presents many tourist attractions with beautiful and exotic scenery. Lombok Island itself is also adjacent to Bali and Komodo Island, so it can add to the list of tourist attractions that you can visit.

However, East Lombok tourism itself has also been interesting. The number of tourist destinations in it will not make you bored to explore this region.

If you are interested in exploring the East Lombok region, some of the following East Lombok tourist attractions that we recommend below can be an option to visit. Gili Sunut The first East Lombok tourist spot is Gili Sunut. Quoting from the page, Gili sunut is a small coral island connected to a stretch of sea sand from lombok island.

This area is inhabited by only about 109 families. In this place, you can enjoy the underwater scenery clearly, even without the need to snorkel. However, the location itself is indeed quite far from the center of Lombok and it takes effort to reach it.

Cape Bloam The second East Lombok tourist spot is Tanjung Bloam Beach. When visiting this place, you will be greeted with a unique view that is hard to come by on other beaches. This beach has land jutting out into the sea, and has towering rocks. In addition to the unique panorama on the land, you can also enjoy the underwater beauty that can be seen from the top of the rock. The scenery presented by Tanjung Bloam is like a painting that spoils the eye.

Cape Ringgit The third East Lombok tourist spot is Tanjung Ringgit. Located in Jerowaru district, East Lombok, this tourist spot has a uniqueness where the headland has a shape like a crocodile head.

There is also a small beach next door and there is also a Dutch heritage cannon that is still firmly standing by the sea. You can also visit hidden caves that can be explored.

Green Valley The fourth East Lombok tourist spot is the Green Valley. This tourist attraction is located in Ijobalit village, Labuhan Haji district.

It is called Green valley because this place does have many green trees with beautiful ponds decorated with various flowers. To enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, unique gazebos are also provided as a place to rest for visitors.

Paradise Beach The fifth East Lombok tourist spot is Paradise Beach. You can get a unique view of this tourist spot. Because Paradise Beach is flanked by two high cliffs, making it seem as if it is in the shape of the letter 'U'. This beach has not been visited by many tourists. So it's a good idea to bring your own supplies and equipment. The location of this beach is in Jerowaru which is about 50 km from Selong City.

Aiq Temer The next East Lombok tourist spot is Aiq Temer. Aiq Temer is the name of a waterfall. It is located in the Rinjani mountain area, where you can still feel the beautiful atmosphere of the natural forest.

Even this waterfall is also said to be a hidden paradise in East Lombok. In addition to enjoying the freshness of the waterfall, you can also see many monkeys dangling in the trees surrounding this waterfall.

Sembalun Sembalun is a subdistrict located in East Lombok. Having an area of about 217.18 km², this tourist spot offers a panoramic view of rice fields and irrigation that is still very traditional. So, when visiting here, you can learn the history of Indonesian agriculture in the past.

Sembalun itself is located at the foot of Mount Rinjani. So don't be surprised if you can still find clean and cool fresh air in this place. In this place, you can also enjoy a beautiful panorama of the mountains, then there are also magnificent cliffs surrounding the countryside.

Gili Sulat and Gili Lawang The last East Lombok tourist attractions are Gili Sulat and Gili Lawang. Gili Sulat has a length of 5.2 km which is still very natural. The beach which has a beautiful panorama is perfect for snorkelling activities. Then, there is also a mangrove forest that can be enjoyed through the plank road that has been provided. The road conditions to get to this place are also quite good.

Then there is also Gili Lawang, which is only about 500 meters away from gili sulat. The place is quite close together so you can visit both in no time. These two gilis are actually a stopping place for fishermen.