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Giong Siu Becomes Mataram's Mainstay Tourist Destination

Giong Siu Becomes Mataram's Mainstay Tourist Destination

MATARAM- Giong Siu City Forest Tourism in Babakan Village began to be used as a place for government activities. One of them was the jamboree of TP PKK cadres in Sandubaya District which was held last Saturday (21/1). Giong Siu tourism is now being prepared to become a mainstay tour in the eastern area of Mataram City.

"We chose to hold a PKK cadre jamboree in Giong Siu to realize togetherness between cadres. Inviting cadres and the community to better maintain concern for the surrounding environment," said Sandubaya Sub-District Head Henny Suyasih to Lombok Post, yesterday (23/1).

In addition to holding a number of events and competitions, the jamboree activities of PKK cadres in Sandubaya District were also marked by the addiction of creating the environment by planting seeds of ornamental plants to medicinal plants in Giong Siu.

"In Giong Siu, there are already many trees. But we want another plant. So that more plants and the popularity of Giong Siu as an urban forest tourism are increasingly known," he hoped.

The head of the sub-district hopes that Giong Siu Tourism, which belongs to the Matatam City Government, will in the future become one of the mainstay tourist destinations in the eastern region. Moreover, Mataram Mayor H Mohan Rolisakana has also committed to supporting the development of this tourism.

"He gave us his full support. Mr. Wali also advised that cadres will be at the forefront of helping the government realize its program," he said.

As the spearhead of the government, the cadres are expected to work well, love and carry out the work sincerely.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Commission II of the Mataram City Dprd, Herman, also admitted that he had conveyed the aspirations of the Babakan and Pokdarwis people regarding the Giong Siu development plan. Even councillor Dapil Sandubaya invited the mayor to tour the Giong Siu tourist attraction area through a bamboo bridge that has been completed almost 100 percent.

Herman also invited the mayor to see the land that has been freed by the Mataram City PUPR Office as an access to the entrance and tourist parking lot of Giong Siu Babakan.

"Hopefully, with the seriousness and full attention of the Mataram City Government, Giong Siu Babakan Tourism will become one of the mainstay tourist attractions in the Eastern area of Mataram City," hoped Herman.