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Tourism Promotion Is Not Optimal, Local Governments Are Asked Not Only to Rely on the Center

Tourism Promotion Is Not Optimal, Local Governments Are Asked Not Only to Rely on the Center

PRAYA- Tourism actors and village government officials in Central Lombok consider the NTB Provincial Government and Attic Regency Government as if they stand idly by the central government. That's because tourism promotions are not run optimally.

"Such as the promotion of Wolrd Superbike (WSBK) at the Mandalika circuit of Mandalika SEZ," said Chairman of the Indonesian Tourism Association (HPI) Attic Samsul Bahri at the Lombok Post, Monday (23/1).

In fact, the world-class motorcycle racing event is just counting the months. On the one hand, the target audience is 75 thousand people. Similarly, the nyale smell event. This event has been taken by the center for the past few years and used as a national event calendar.

However, this does not mean that the province and the district government must be hands-off. They are still obliged to run promotions. "Because the spirit of tourism is, promotion," said the Coach of the Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) of Sukarara Village, Jonggat District.

For Samsul, if the promotion is minimal, not even at all, then don't expect regional tourism to advance. "If I am more of a real step by the district government," said the Village Head (Kades) of Rambitan, Pujut Lalu Minaksa District, separately. It should and reasonably, the district government should be more aggressive, massive and simultaneously promoting events in its own area. Because who enjoys the results of the district government itself. Not another district/city. Where, the Mandalika circuit is in the Attic, WSBK, MotoGP and other world events are in the Attic.

"If it's not the Attic District Government, then who else. We should be ashamed of the province," the younger brother of Attic DPRD Commission III Member HL Wiraksa quipped.

However, if the district government stays silent, it hopes that the province will take over. Because if there are more tourist visits, the faster the regional economic turnover. Local income (PAD) is also getting bigger and people's welfare is getting better.