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Pemprov Offers Bali – Gili One Gate Payment Option

Pemprov Offers Bali – Gili One Gate Payment Option

MATARAM - The Provincial Government of West Nusa Tenggara is offering a short-term option, namely a one gate payment policy to temporarily replace the one gate system or one door system for the arrival of fast boats transporting tourists from Bali to the Gilis.

"To make the distribution of the cake (retribution) even and so that local residents don't become bystanders, one gate payment can be handled," said Head of the NTB Province Transportation Service (Dishub) H Lalu Mohammad Paozal, Wednesday (18/1).

According to Paozal, proposing the one gate payment option is not without reason. This is because the implementation of the one gate system requires a long preparation, especially for the standardization of local transportation. While the process of standardization requires investment or budget is quite large as well.

In addition to transportation that has not been standardized, the Port management was also found to be in a lot of topsy-turvy, nothing has been completed, tourists are still nervous. This means that the one gate system policy cannot be decided immediately.

Therefore, his party plans to hold a meeting with the Karya Bahari Cooperative (KKB), three Gili entrepreneurs, and the KLU Regency Government to ensure the one gate payment option. Only then will his party summon the Bali-Lombok fast boat operator Akacindo to determine the selling price of the ticket.

"One get payment, one ticket can cover several activities. Because it is known that what the North Lombok government is complaining about is the problem of retribution, or non-entry PAD, as well as conservation and other things on Gili," he explained.

It is hoped that through this one get payment policy, the distribution of fees to the North Lombok Regency Government, Cooperatives and others will be clearer. Besides that, the passenger or passengers are also no longer confused because they are suddenly blocked by retribution, then in the middle of the sea they are confronted by conservation and others.

"Passengers don't have to pass through Bangsal with one gate payment. Because public ships really need standardization first," he said.

The one gate payment policy was proposed due to various considerations. First, because the average passengers transported from Bangsal to Gili are domestic and foreign tourists. He said he did not want any complaints or cases to befall tourists.

For this reason, while improving it, he assured KKB through a one gate payment solution. That way, even though they don't carry passengers, at least the Cooperative has other parts or portions. For example, it is impossible for a ship to only carry passengers. While the ship is not ready and not yet standardized. Therefore, the NTB Provincial Government provides portions, one of which is that they can become organizers or parties who take care of tickets. Then porters, no more porters from outside but from their own suitcases. This means that such a distribution is considered quite fair and benefits all parties.

"That portion will be discussed at the one gate payment. If they take care of tickets and porters, water for ships and fuel. One Gate Payment makes more sense in the short term,” he concluded.

Previously, the Governor of NTB, Zulkieflimansyah, said that the Provincial and Regional Governments of North Lombok and other related parties were looking for the right formula before implementing the one gate system. So that tourists feel safe and comfortable. But on the other hand, North Lombok gets a contribution or impact from the arrival of around 1,500 tourists per day from Bali.

"So we ask for time to mature first. So in the meantime, we are discussing the one gate system more thoroughly," he said.