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Garuda Cargo Helps Send 2.5 Tons of Lombok Coffee to Korea

Garuda Cargo Helps Send 2.5 Tons of Lombok Coffee to Korea

MATARAM-PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk Lombok Branch Office helped export Lombok coffee to Korea using Cargo until the end of 2022.

"From September to December 2022, approximately 2.5 tons of Lombok coffee are shipped directly to Korea," said General Manager of Garuda Indonesia Branch Office Lombok Valentry Akila Rumambi.

He explained that this support was because he considered that there was a potential regional advantage that could be sent by plane. This is also one opportunity that the airline is trying to work on.

"We are trying to develop export shipments of NTB's superior products in the future," he said.

According to him, now his party is focusing on cargo development. They are looking for commodities that can indeed be exported directly from Lombok using airlines. The key is from the airline how the packaging of the products to be sent abroad has met the standards applicable to flights with Garuda Indonesia. Especially honey or other liquid products.

Garuda also encourages packaging not to use glass. In order to comply with the standards, they also conduct training on export packaging standards so that once they arrive at the destination country, they do not reduce the quality of the product.  Because packaging along the way of shipping is the key to superior products so that quality is maintained. "Some commodities that are also experiencing development are vanilla, fresh fish, including Lombok Honey such as Trigona. Hopefully this can be sent directly from Lombok soon. Hopefully, in the near future, vanilla can be sent directly to the USA," he said.

His party also does not want to encourage ntb exports half-. Even this red plate airline helps find manufacturers, connect buyers or markets abroad, including trying to prepare a good logistics channel for NTB export products. Bank Indonesia's support also helps producers manage the permits of NTB's superior products.

"The convenience provided in encouraging the export of NTB's superior products is by providing price relaxation strategies that are being tried," he added.

Valentry believes that with the delivery of NTB products directly abroad, there are certainly many benefits that will be felt by the region. In addition to the name of the elevated region, the country's foreign exchange will also be able to be obtained by NTB. If you have been sending it through other regions, then the country's foreign exchange that can be not NTB but the region that makes the delivery. Obviously this is detrimental to NTB.

"This is what we both move so that we can export directly from Lombok, we provide convenience in terms of price and licensing, the foreign exchange will return to NTB and the name of our regional products is known abroad," he added.

Meanwhile, RIRU KPw Bank Indonesia Consultant NTB Supiandi said that in encouraging the export of NTB's superior products, all must synergize. With the involvement of airlines, it will certainly make it easier to deliver logistics for potential products owned by this area.

"If what is sent with Garuda Indonesia is now in the form of Greenbean Coffee from Rempek, North Lombok," he said.