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Fast Boat Fleet for Senggigi – Bali Route Increases

Fast Boat Fleet for Senggigi – Bali Route Increases

West Lombok (Inside Lombok) The return to operation of Senggigi Port in the last 7 months is considered to have the potential to support an increase in tourist visits to Lombok. Especially those who use fast boats on the Bali Lombok route (Senggigi Port). For this reason, fast ships operating on the Senggigi Port route are now increasing.

"Which is usually one ship to depart and the one that comes, the first today is the departing ship and the one that comes using a different ship," said the Head of UPT Senggigi Port, Herman Zulkiefli when confirmed, Tuesday (17/01/2023).

He explained that the addition of a fleet serving the Senggigi - Bali route and vice versa was to provide alternative transportation for service users. In addition, the increase in the fast boat fleet is also due to the fast ferry Eka Jaya as a service provider company adding new route patterns.

"Fast Ferry Eka Jaya opens the Serangan-Nusa Penida-Padangbai-Senggigi trip, for those who arrive at 13.00 WITA. Furthermore, this trip will continue to Gili (North Lombok) then return to Padangbai. As for departure at 12.30 WITA, the route is from Senggigi-Padangbai-Nusa Penida-Serangan," he explained.

On Tuesday (17/1) alone there were 37 passengers on a fast boat departing through Senggigi to Bali. Meanwhile, those who came from Bali to Senggigi totaled 16 people. The number of passengers every day, Herman admitted, fluctuates. However, the number of passengers today is not as busy as usual, because it has entered the low season. "You see, it's low season right now," he added.

The increase in the fleet of fast boats serving the Senggigi - Bali route is also expected to be an encouragement for the Lobar Regional Government to immediately realize the repair of the pier which is planned to be carried out this year. That way the passengers of the fast boat can feel comfortable and safe.

"God willing, this year (will be done) because of our hope, this port will become an alternative choice for tourists who want to come to Lombok by sea," hoped Herman.