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Lombok Pearls Favored by the World Market

Lombok Pearls Favored by the World Market

MATARAM-Mutiara Lombok is one of the pearls that is quite attractive to the world market. Famous for its beauty, this pearl has successfully captivated the export market. "There are four types of pearls in the world and are famous for their beauty," said Owner Indah Mutiara Lombok Indah Purwanti Ningsih at the Lombok Post, Sunday (15/1).

First the South Sea Pearl or south sea water pearl. This pearl exists in the waters of Australia and Indonesia. The shape is round, teardrop, oval, baroque. It has a size of 9 mm-17mm. It has white and gold colors. "One of them is Lombok pearls which we have marketed to several countries," he explained.

Both Tahiti Pearl or Black Pearls. This pearl exists in the waters of the Tahiti Islands with a characteristic black color. It has many black colors with various rays, such as greenish, bluish, silly, grayish, purplish, even brownish. With a size of 10-16 mm. Round, teardrop, oval, baroque. "The beauty of the black color shines which is a magnet for attracting the market," he explained.

The third pearl of Akoya Pearls. It is usually present in the waters of the Sea of Japan. This pearl has a shape that is not too big. With a diameter size of 5-10mm. The colors are white, gold, and pinkish. The shape is only the usual round. "Akoya pearls are often called Classic Pearls," he explained.

The four Fresh Water Pearls or freshwater pearls. This pearl is often found in the waters of China. Most are round, oval, or teardrop in shape. Colors there are white, salem, pink, and purplish. "So what is often circulated in Indonesia is Fresh Water Pearls or freshwater pearls and Indonesian seawater as well as Tahiti," he said.