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Boosting KLU Tourism, Jalinkra Enters National Project Priorities

Boosting KLU Tourism, Jalinkra Enters National Project Priorities

MATARAM- The economy and tourism in the northern region, North Lombok Regency (KLU) will be increasingly stretched. Along with the central government's blessing on the construction of the North Ring Road (Jalinkra) next year.

"The economic effect will be extraordinary," said KLU Regent Djohan Sjamsu, Monday (5/12).

Djohan said that he had asked for the support of NTB Governor Zulkieflimansyah, so that the project could be realized. "This road has not been repaired, there is already a hotel there. What this means is that economic investment will be even better tomorrow if the road is good. It also has an impact on the workforce and all kinds of things," explained Djohan.

The construction of Jalinkra called Djohan is an old plan. Part of his land acquisition process even began when he served as the Regent of KLU for the first term, which was around 2010 to 2015.

However, the process of upgrading the road did not continue afterwards. Until Djohan returns to work in 2022, so that Jalinkra can be realized next year. "That's why I want the governor to push as well, so that it can be dealt with quickly in 2023," he said.