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Poltekpar Lombok Receives Hotel Accreditation in Asean

Poltekpar Lombok Receives Hotel Accreditation in Asean

MATARAM The Lombok Tourism Polytechnic (Poltekpar), which is only six years old, has passed accreditation for the placement of its alumni as hospitality workers in 10 countries in ASEAN.

''Proud. We have passed the certification of professional institutions. This is a license to work in 10 Asean countries," said Lombok Poltekparr Director Herry Rachmat Widjaja while speaking in front of the Public Relations Communication Forum which took place at the Santika Mataram Hotel, December 1, 2022 morning.

This is when compared to the age of Poltekpar NHI Bandung which is 64 years old, Poltekpar Bali is 44 years old, and Poltekpar Makassar is 30 years old, Poltekpar Lombok is not considered a toddler. A total of 985 alumni during the three graduations, 2020 2022 through the carrier expo have been absorbed to work in various companies.

In fact, it is planned that starting in January 2023, as many as 48 students will also get internship opportunities at Lexis Malaysia. ''It's all covered. It costs nothing,'' he said. In addition, Poltekpar Lombok is also believed to be a tourism university that is appointed as a learning location for students from Germany.

Poltekpar Lombok is one of six state tourism universities in Indonesia under the Ministry of Tourism of the Creative Economy. Poltekpar Lombok was tasked with bringing the Central and East Kalimantan regions to Maluku and North Maluku. The plan is that the government will also add seven new universities, including in Sragen, Labuan Bajo, Malang so that the Lombok Poltekpar will focus on the West Nusa Tenggara region.

In addition to Herrry Rachmat Widjaja, Vice President Site Operation & Service of The Mandalika I Made Pariwijaya was also present. According to him, the Indonesian government has disbursed IDR 8 trillion in financing in various tourism development interests in Lombok that can support Mandalika. "The development position of Mandalika has reached 55 percent. 2025 will be completed,'' he said.

Currently, PT Pengembangan Pariwisata Indonesia or Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) has provided investment facilities for 16 companies in the Mandalika area.  "Mandalika will be a location that prepares events to support Nusa Dua Bali as a MICE location," he said.

So, each destination location to Labuan Bajo East Nusa Tenggara will not compete with each other for tourists but support.