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Dispar NTB Targets 2.5 Million Tourist Visits by 2023

Dispar NTB Targets 2.5 Million Tourist Visits by 2023

MATARAM The Tourism Office (Dispar) of NTB Province targets as many as 2.5 million tourist visits by 2023, both local and foreign tourists.

"InshaAllah, in 2023 the target of 2.5 million tourist visits will be achieved. Because conditions are getting better," NTB Tourism Office Secretary Lalu Hasbulwadi told Radar Lombok, yesterday.

Hasbulwadi is quite optimistic that the target of 2.5 million NTB tourist visits can be achieved in 2023. Moreover, there is already a Mandalika Circuit in Central Lombok which is a mainstay tourist destination to attract tourists to come to NTB. Until November 2022 alone, the number of NTB tourist visits has almost reached 1 million, higher than 2021. In 2023 there are 3 major events to be held, including WSBK in March, Ironman, then MotoGP November.

In addition to increasing international sports events, his party is also developing a number of attractions and also tourist villages in several tourist destinations on the island of Lombok and also Sumbawa. Because NTB still lacks the number and quality of local tourist attractions presented to tourists. There are already 10 tourist attractions submitted to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) to be included in the Kharisma Event Nusantara (KEN) activity calendar in 2023.

"There has also been the preparation of tour packages in 16 tourist villages in the Mandalika area," he explained.

Tour packages in the 16 tourist villages in question include Labulia Tourism Village, Penujak Tourism Village, Ende Tourism Village, and Sade Tourism Village, Sepakek Tourism Village, Marong Tourism Village, Sukarare Tourism Village, and Bonjeruk Tourism Village. Furthermore, Selong Belanak Tourism Village, Mekar Sari Tourism Village, Mertak Tourism Village, and Kuta Tourism Village and Tanak Beak Tourism Village, Karang Sidemen Tourism Village, Lantan Tourism Village, and Aik Berik Tourism Village.

No less important is to improve the governance of tourist destinations in the National Tourism Strategic Area (KSPN) and Regional Tourism Strategic Area (KSPD), as well as improving the quality of NTB's tourism resources. Through certification of hr competencies for tourism and creative economy. In 2022, around 2400 human resources have received certificates in various competency schemes. Starting from hotel human resources, restaurants, travel agent services to Spas.

Then boost the use of CHSE certification for business actors in the tourism sector. In order to provide guarantees to tourists on the implementation of Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability.

"So that the guests who come are more comfortable and happy. People want to stay for a long time but the attractions are not finally back. That's why there are many aspects that need to be improved so that many guests come," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Statistics Agency (BPS) of NTB Province, Wahyudin recorded that the number of guests staying at the Bintang Hotel in October 2022 was recorded at 69,642 people. It consists of 61,167 domestic guests and 8,475 overseas guests.

"The number of guests staying at non-star hotels in October 2022 was recorded at 55,623 people consisting of 49,250 domestic guests and 6,373 foreign guests,"

Likewise, the average length of stay (RLM) of guests at bntang hotels in October 2022 was 1.91 days. Decreased by 0.01 days compared to the September 2022 RLM of 1.92 days. The average length of stay of guests in non-star notels in October 2022 was 1.40 days, down by 0.03 days compared to the September 2022 RLM of 1.43 days.