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NTB Strengthens Event in Mandalika in 2023

NTB Strengthens Event in Mandalika in 2023

Mataram (Suara NTB) Mandalika Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has become a national tourism branding. Mandalika, in which there is an international circuit, has become a new epicenter of national tourism development that can bring Indonesia on the world stage. This must be maintained, one of which is by strengthening the event in Mandalika in 2023.

"Of course we have to take care of this. The trick is to strengthen the events there, as well as strengthen the community's commitment to maintain conduciveness. We are grateful for the attention of the center," the Head of the NTB Provincial Tourism Office, Yusron Hadi told Suara NTB last weekend.

Although he did not mention in detail what events will be held in Mandalika in 2023 besides MotoGP, WSBK, IATC, and Shell Eco Marathon, the signal for the implementation of more events in Mandalika is already visible.

As often stated by the Governor of NTB, Yusron said that the presence of international events in Mandalika will have a broad impact on the presence of good infrastructure. For example, repairing airports and ports, building bypass roads, improving electrical energy capacity, improving other public facilities and strengthening local human resources.

Especially later when NTB hosts the implementation of the National Sports Week (PON) in 2028, sports facilities will be helped a lot by the central government, because the sports venues that are contested must be of national and even international standards.

The presence of Mandalika as a magnet for NTB, said Yusron, does not mean that it will clean up other destinations that already exist. In fact, the squirming of Mandalika will have an impact on other destinations, especially during events.

"Mandalika can be a new center, but our hope is that the progress can be enjoyed by other places. Don't just negate previously existing destinations. How to do it? when there is an event in Mandalika, Senggigi must also be turned on, the audience can also stay there," said Yusron.

"As for Senggigi, Tiga Gili and others, God willing, they will find a way to exist as well. In Senggigi there are also regular activities, such as Senggigi Sunset Jazz, maybe it will be upgraded to a national event. We have proposed that," he added.

According to Kadispar, the tourism sector is one of the fastest recovering sectors after the Covid-19 pandemic. A number of indicators prove that. One of them is the number of tourist visits in this area which has continued to move up since the end of 2021 after the World Suprbike (WSBK) event. The Tourism Office also admitted that it is optimistic that the number of tourist visits in 2022 can exceed the target of 1 million tourists.

"Until last September, the number of tourist visits in NTB has been estimated at 964 thousand people. That's not counting the number of visits during the World Superbike (WSBK) event yesterday. So regarding the target of 1 million tourists, we are very optimistic that it can be exceeded this year," explained Kadispar NTB.

With this achievement, Dispar NTB also dared to increase the target of tourist visits in 2023. It is estimated at 1.5 to 2 million tourist visits. Whether it is domestic or foreign tourists. Moreover, the current condition of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to decline.

"The figure of 1.5 million to 2 million tourist visits in 2023 I think is quite realistic. By looking at the current conditions and development of tourism, "added Yusron. With a record of Covid-19 cases can remain under control. And, of course, it all certainly needs the support and cooperation of all parties. How can the Covid-19 pandemic continue to be controlled.