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Preventing Disasters, Residents Plant 1 Million Trees in Lombok

Preventing Disasters, Residents Plant 1 Million Trees in Lombok, WEST LOMBOK - In order to maintain natural balance from disasters, planting a million trees in the Embung Area of Telaga Lebur Hamlet, Sekotong Tengah, Sekotong, West Lombok, NTB.

West Lombok Police Chief AKBP Wirasto Adi Nugroho said the main purpose of the activity was to minimize disasters, such as landslides and floods.

"But behind that, it also has a goal that is very beneficial to the community," he said, Saturday (3/12).

In addition to maintaining the balance of natural ecosystems, he said, it also has maintaining an interdependent relationship between nature and humans.

"One of the benefits that the community can enjoy later, because in collaboration activities and actions to plant a million trees, they also do it on land owned by residents," he said.

He said the planting results are for the local community to use.The seeds planted consist of mango, rambutan, crystal guava, soursop, and avocado. This activity is also to educate the public about the importance of planting trees, as an effort to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.He called this activity for humanity and the environment by greening the earth and maintaining the availability of water.

"This activity is a form of real action for environmental conservation in greening, indirectly minimizing disaster risk," he said.

He explained the importance of the community taking care of the tree seedlings that have been planted.

"The hope is that this activity will not stop after planting, but also take care of it as a form of empowerment that involves the local community," he said.