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Two Substation Service Units Operate, Lombok's Electricity Is Getting More Reliable

Two Substation Service Units Operate, Lombok's Electricity Is Getting More Reliable

MATARAM- The reliability and strengthening of Lombok's electrical system continues to be improved. One of them is by operating two Transmission Service Units and Substations (ULTG) west Lombok and East Lombok.

General Manager of PLN NTB Sudjarwo said that the operation of these two ULTGs is a form of PLN's readiness to anticipate demand growth, in line with the increasing needs of the electricity community from year to year. "With the formation of these two ULTGs, it will certainly maintain the availability and continuity of the transmission system and the quality of the electric power system network is good," he explained.

The establishment of the West Lombok ULTG and East Lombok ULTG is also expected to improve the effectiveness of distribution governance in the Lombok System and optimize the operation and maintenance of the 150 kV transmission system. ULTG East Lombok and ULTG West Lombok alone will manage 13 substations (GI). Five 5 GI for East Lombok ULTG, namely GI Paokmotong, GI Pringgabaya, GI Sambelia, GI Tanjung, and GI Bayan. While 8 GI for ULTG West Lombok, namely GI Jeranjang, GI Ampenan, GIS Peaker, GI Mantang, GI Sengkol, GI Kuta, GI Switching, and GI Mataram.

For transmission network assets, there are 5 SUTT for East Lombok ULTG, namely Sengkol-Paokmotong SUTT, Paokmotong-Pringgabaya, Pringgabaya-Sambelia, Sambelia-Bayan and Bayan-Tanjung and 8 SUTT for West Lombok ULTG, namely Jeranjang-Ampenan SUTT, Jeranjang-Mantang-Sengkol, Ampenan-GIS Peaker, GIS Peaker-Switching, Switching-Mataram, Switching-Tanjung, and Sengkol-Kuta.

"Not only quality, with these two new units, it will speed up the recovery time in case of disruption. The quality of electricity service will become more reliable," said Djarwo. Currently, Lombok's electricity system has been connected through a 150 kV High Voltage Air Line (SUTT) network, which stretches from Mataram on the west side to Sambelia on the east side.

The total GI that has been operating is 13 units with a total capacity of 830 MVA with a total length of SUTT 542.07 kms and energy distributed is 2,066 GWH, which serves 1.5 million customers spread across Lombok Island.

"We hope, hopefully, with all the efforts we have made, the quality of electricity will be more reliable, and also efficient," concluded Djarwo.