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Earth Revitalization and World Cleanup Day are the start of Cemare Arrangement

Earth Revitalization and World Cleanup Day are the start of Cemare Arrangement

Giri Menang (Suara NTB) - The Earth Revitalization Program is a form of concern for the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) in providing comfortable travel during the Covid-19 pandemic. This program is aimed at preparing tourist objects and providing supporting facilities to keep them safe, healthy and clean.


This program is also used by the Head of the West Lombok Regency (Lobar) Tourism Office (Dispar), H. Saepul Akhkam as an initial step in arranging Cemare Beach by his party. "We also choose this beach, which is located in Lembar Selatan Village, Sheet District as a place to commemorate the World Cleanup, involving all OPDs in the lobby and environmental activists," Ahkam explained during the Earth Revitalization Socialization activity at Cemare Beach, Monday, September 14, 2020. .


He said that Sheet Selatan Village is included in a tourist village whose main plan or master plan is still in the formulation stage. Then with this master plan it will be used as a reference in sustainable village management. This year, Akhkam admitted, in fact revitalization would be carried out with a value of more than IDR 3 billion sourced from the DAK allocated by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. However, with the central government policy for refocusing and budget rejection, the revitalization was delayed.


Akhkam analogized the Cemare area as a gem that must be guarded by all parties, because the Cemare area is an area surrounded by very large mangrove forests, which is around 75 hectares.


In the same place, the Head of the NTB Tourism Office, H. L. Moh. Faozal said that the activity which took place at Cemare Beach was the last location after being held in Gili Nanggu, Sekotong District. "We are now together at Cemare, the end of the revitalization of the earth, which is the first six points in Outlook. Second at Tanjung Luar, then in Selong Belanak, then Gili Lampu and then we are at Cemare Beach. Then today we will start the socialization about cleanliness, "he said representing the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.


Faozal also expressed his seriousness in managing the Cemare area. After the Earth Revitalization, said Faozal, his party will communicate with all land owners and representatives from the community to discuss the concept of developing the Cemare area, so that in 2021 his party can intervene.


Meanwhile, the Head of South Sheet Village, H. Beny, appreciated the Earth Revitalization activity for choosing Cemare Beach as its target. For him, this activity is a stimulant for the community to care more about a clean environment. He hopes that the Revitalization of the Earth can make people aware that the problem of waste is a shared responsibility that has a very influential effect on the Cemare Beach area.

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