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Airport road to Mandalika Area Completed in August 2021

Airport road to Mandalika Area Completed in August 2021

After a re-evaluation, the physical construction of the Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport (BIZAM) bypass project - KEK Mandalika will begin to be implemented in October. The road access from the airport to the 17.4 km Mandalika Circuit is targeted to be completed by the contractor in August 2021.

"Construction will begin next October. August 2021 must be finished, ”said Head of the NTB PUPR Service, H. Sahdan, ST, MT, confirmed by Suara NTB, Sunday, September 13, 2020.

Sahdan said the target for completing the national strategic project was delayed from the previous schedule. Due to delayed implementation time due to the incomplete tender for the three road project packages. After the project was completed in August, it was followed by a proper road function test before the Mandalika MotoGP event which will be held around October 2021.

The airport bypass road construction project - KEK Mandalika is divided into three packages. Package 1 is allocated a budget from the APBN with a ceiling of more than Rp. 238.569 billion, Package 2 of Rp. 394,815 billion and package 3 of more than Rp180,555 billion.

Meanwhile, for the technical supervision package for the road construction by BIZAM - KEK Mandalika, a budget is allocated with a ceiling of more than Rp9.376 billion. For now, said Sahdan, only package 1 has a winner but is still in the refutation period. While packages 2 and 3, there are still no winners and are in the re-evaluation stage.

"Be very careful Pokja, because this must be completed on time before the 2021 MotoGP event," said Sahdan.

Initially, the physical construction of the Airport bypass - KEK Mandalika was started in early July and completed in June 2021. However, the construction has not yet been carried out due to the difficulty in determining the tender winner. The connecting road from the airport to the Mandalika Circuit is about 17.4 km long. The plan is to build a four-lane and eight-lane road.