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Community-Based and Sustainable Tourism

Community-Based and Sustainable Tourism

GIRI MENANG — Efforts to realize community empowerment-based and sustainable tourism development, the West Lombok Regency Tourism Office held a Tourism Village Training at Puri Saron Hotel, for three days, 7-9 September 2020. The activity was attended by village heads and village tourism administrators.


"This training aims to hone the ability of rural communities in developing innovation in the New Normal or New Order era," said the Head of the West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Provincial Tourism Office, Lalu Moh. Faozal, in his speech,


To the training participants who attended, Faozal also conveyed their important role in how to jointly develop villages that have the potential to be developed as tourist villages. "Talking about a tourist village, the main thing we have to improve is the amenities, accessibility and attractions," explained Faozal.


These three things, according to Faozal, should be seriously paid attention and as far as possible improved. “Don't let us have qualified accommodation, amazingly beautiful attractions and destinations. However, access to it is still inadequate, and vice versa. Therefore, with this training, it is hoped that we as the driving force of the tourism sector can be serious in developing the tourism potential that we have and continue to innovate, "said Faozal.


Apart from training, activities were also part of the awarding of CHSE certificates to tourism actors in the Senggigi area of ??West Lombok, such as Hotel Puri Saron Senggigi, Hotel Puri Mas Senggigi, Qunci Villa Hotel, Café Alberto and Happy Café.


"This certificate is a program implemented by the NTB Provincial Government through the NTB Tourism Office, as a condition for business actors in the tourism sector if they want to carry out their tourism activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Where all of course must comply with health protocols, "concluded Faozal.

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