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Discussion on RIPT Lombok Action Plan

Discussion on RIPT Lombok Action Plan

After Growth Projection and Scenario of ITMP (Integrated Tourism Master Plan/Rencana Induk Pariwisata Terpadu—RIPT) Development were agreed, central and regional governments continue the stage of ITMP development,  that is Action Plan stage with Consultant Team at Hotel Astoria Lombok, on Thursday (12/05/2019).

In the introduction, Asdep Tourism HR and Inter-Institutional Relation, Ministry of Tourism, Dr. Wisnu Bawa Tarunajaya, SE, MM, delivered the concept of tourism human resources development through community empowerment. It is expected that the local governments are able to optimize the potency of their region’s tourism to be able to improve the community’s economy. “Do not let the Lombok Tourism to develop with outsiders playing the role while local communities are only watching them grow.”, he revealed.

Executing Officer Head of Sub Directorate of Tourism Bappenas, Istasius Angger Anindito, provided the directives that Lombok is one of Super-Priority Tourism Destinations that will be the mainstay of national tourism. Head of R&D Division, Provincial Bappeda of NTB, Hj. Suryani Eka Wijaya added the necessity to strengthen Travel-Aware Group or Pokdarwis (Kelompok Sadar Wisata) in the form of inter-tourism village cooperation to improve tourism attraction. Head of BPIW Inter-Strategic Area Infrastructure Development Field Ministry of Public Work and Housing, Bernadi Haryawan, conveyed one of the policies of BIL-Mandalika Bypass road development to support Lombok tourism.

Then, representative of ITMP Consultant Team, Aryo Kuncoro, conveyed the vision of Lombok development as inclusive, secured, and sustainable tourism area that offers quality cultural and natural experiences. The Lombok Island tourism development action plan consists of 8 (eight) areas, they are (1) Tourism Program; (2) Spatial, Land, and Agrarian Planning Program; (3) Tourism Investment and Marketing Program; (4) Basic Infrastructure Program; (5) Environmental and Social Cultural Program; (6) Road and Transportation Program; (7) Smart Technology Program; and (8) Institutional and Capacity Building Program. There are entirely 254 action plans proposed based on the previous studies. 


Before detail discussion of each action plan in group discussion (i), participants that came from various backgrounds were provided with explanation on General Guidelines of Integrated and Sustainable Tourism Development Program or P3TB (Program Pembangunan Pariwisata Terintegrasi dan Berkelanjutan) by the representative of Central Program Management Support (PMS) Consultant, Jaka Sumanta, for making same perception on  the mechanism of P3TB.


In the group discussion, participants were divided into 4 (four) desks, they were (1) Highways (Binamarga) Infrastructure; (2) Human Settlement (Cipta Karya) Infrastructure; (3) Tourism Human Resources Development; and (4) Investment. The output was agreement on action plans that were set forth in the Minutes that becomes input in the process of Lombok ITMP accomplishment. It is targeted that Lombok ITMP can be accomplished in 2019.


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