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Promoting Lake Toba Tourism Image, Target 1.5 Million For F1 Powerboat Audience

Promoting Lake Toba Tourism Image, Target 1.5 Million For F1 Powerboat Audience

TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM - The opportunity for Indonesia to host the 40th F1 Powerboat World Championship racing event should be utilized to the fullest, especially in strengthening tourism potential.

The information was conveyed through the Genposting (Generation Positive Thinking) public support activity with the theme "F1 Powerboat, Strengthening the Tourism Potential of Lake Toba" organized by the Directorate of Economic and Maritime Information and Communication, Directorate General of IKP of the Ministry of Communication and Information in Medan, North Sumatra.

Director General of Public Communication Information, Ministry of Communication and Information, Usman Kansong, through a keynote speech on this occasion said that the image of Lake Toba as a tourist destination needs to be restored. First, restore starting from the infrastructure.

"The Central Government is very concerned and has made Lake Toba a Super Priority Tourism Destination (DPSP). The consequence is the improvement of infrastructure, including there will be a toll road that is currently under construction and there is already Silangit Airport which will speed up the journey to Lake Toba," explained Director General Usman.

In addition to involvement from the government, the restoration of tourist destinations also requires involvement from the local community in improving the culture that has an impact on tourism. Improving the culture around Lake Toba, conveyed by the Director General, can be started by improving the culture of serving, as applied by the community in other tourism areas such as Bali or Jogja.

"I believe that if the infrastructure is improved, the culture will change," he added.