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Watch F1 Power Boat While Camping Enjoy the Beauty of Lake Toba

Watch F1 Power Boat While Camping Enjoy the Beauty of Lake Toba

VIVA Sport Tourists who will watch live F1 Power Boat or F1H2O Lake Toba 2023, but, can not hotels in Balige and its surroundings, Toba Regency there is interesting info. Don't be afraid, the Toba Regency Government (Pemkab) prepares land for camping tourists while enjoying the speedboat race directly. F1H2O Lake Toba 2023, which will take place in the Muliaraja Napitupulu Port area, Balige District, Toba Regency, North Sumatra, February 24 to 26, 2023.

Balige Regency area has not too many hotels, home stays and other lodging places. So, alternatively, tourists will book a hotel in the Prapatan area, Simalungun Regency. However, to get to the venue for the boat racing world championship, it must take about 90 minutes. Even then, if you don't have traffic jams. The solution was provided by the campground government. But, tourists or visitors must equip their own tents.

"Camp a lot, there are 1000 tents of our campsites, and there are many places there for camping. So we beg those who come to prepare umbrellas (tents). Then, camp for those who want to camp," said the Regent of Toba, Poltak Sitorus to reporters in Medan City, Thursday, January 26, 2023.

Poltak said that F1H2O preparations are being carried out in a hard work, between the Toba Regency Government (Pemkab) and related stakeholders.

"We are working hard now to clean Lake Toba.Especially, the hyacinths so as not to interfere with this event or the boat later during the race," poltak said. Later, Poltak revealed it wasn't just the Lake cleaned up. But, the entire area of Balige City was cleaned up. So that it gives a clean face, when tourists visit.

"We also clean up together by going down as well, from the North Sumatra Regional Police to work together to work together," said Poltak.

Poltak explained that places were also prepared for the audience. The goal is to feel comfortable. He reckons that his audience, about 25 thousand people, can reach hundreds of thousands of people who come to watch F1H2O.

"Because of this, it is gradual that the international eyes of the world will look to us. So, we have to be careful to prepare. Thank you to all Toba people who are willing to work together," said Poltak.

Poltak expects the support and prayers of all levels of society, so that international sport tourism events run successfully and contribute, to the economic growth of the tourism sector locally and nationally.

"We invite through this opportunity, the entire Indonesian world community. In particular, because this event is not a Toba event. But this, the international hosts are Indonesia, North Sumatra and Toba Balige. Because it was the first time, this event was held on the lake, so far in the sea water. we pray for success," poltak explained.