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Kemenparekraf Invites To Realize Quality Tourism in the Lake Toba Area

Kemenparekraf Invites To Realize Quality Tourism in the Lake Toba Area

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. Opening the first phase of the training program which is part of the Tourism Awareness Campaign 5.0, for tourism actors in the Lake Toba Area, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) invites all parties to work together and be adaptive in responding to various developments and new needs. The goal is to realize quality and sustainable tourism, including those related to increasing the competence of Human Resources (HR) in tourist villages around the Lake Toba area.

When opening the previous training program, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno said that the potential of tourism villages can be explored through two aspects, namely tourist products such as natural and cultural potential, and aspects of tourism human resources.

Sandiaga said that his party took a strategic role to present a sustainable tourism-based tourism village, by prioritizing innovation, adaptation, and collaboration. "Innovation, adaptation, and collaboration make tourist villages independent, and competitive, and can be a locomotive of economic revival from the parekraf sector from rural areas, not only in urban areas," sandiaga said some time ago. In line with these three concepts, at the opening of the first phase of training in the Lake Toba Super Priority Destination area, covering Karo Regency, Toba Regency, and North Tapanuli Regency, Acting Deputy for Resources and Institutions of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy /Baparekraf, Frans Teguh, further highlighted the importance of adaptation so that the steps taken are relevant to tourism during this development. "There is a new need that we must pay attention to so that our tourism is of higher quality with more innovative products, better service quality, and more environmentally friendly tourism management," explained Frans in his statement on Thursday (22/9). He emphasized that currently the orientation of the development of the tourism sector is more aimed at the development of quality tourism, where human resources have a big role in presenting the best experience for tourists through their competencies, "Competencies for tourism actors, including increasing skills (capacity / ability), adding knowledge (knowledge) and building a professional attitude (professional behavior)," explained Frans Teguh.

The Training Program for Tourism Product Innovation Development and Parekraf Capacity was held for the first phase in the Lake Toba Area, taking place on September 21-27, 2022, involving 90 tourism actors from 6 tourism villages, namely Lumban Silintong, Siboruon, and Silalahi Pagar Batu Tourism Villages (Toba Regency), Papande Tourism Village (North Tapanuli Regency), and Brand and Tongging Tourism Villages (Karo Regency). At the opening of the training, the Directorate of Tourism Human Resources Development of the Ministry of Tourism/Baparekraf, represented by the Coordinator of Regional Community Empowerment Substance 1, Desty Murniati said, "Do not waste this valuable opportunity for the progress of their respective tourism villages. The participants must be able to take advantage of the training, because they have been selected to represent tourism villages that are the target of activities from around 1365 tourist villages throughout Indonesia," explained Desty. Furthermore, he also said that the training resource persons consisting of academics, practitioners and direct activists of tourism villages who have gone through a rigorous selection process, "From thousands of registrants, we have selected up to about 32 trainers who are really qualified," he explained. The training is an advanced stage of the 5.0 Tourism Awareness Campaign Program series which in 2022 targets 65 Tourism Villages and 90 Tourism Villages in 2023. The training includes 3 packages, namely: Training A, on Tourism Product Innovation Development, Training B related to Tour Packages, Homestay, Culinary and Souvenirs) and Training C related to Entrepreneurship and Business Management. After the training stage, furthermore, the tourism village development projects that have been made by selected tourism actors will be carried out assistance, assessment and appreciation for the best tourism actors who implement tourism village development programs in their respective places.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Culture, Youth and Sports and Tourism Office of Karo Regency, North Sumatra, represented by the Head of Institutional Affairs, Rista Sinaga, said that in order to increase tourist visits to this area, strong collaboration between the government, the business world, and the community is needed as the core driving force for tourism. "The government as a facilitator, the business world and the community as the main actors," said Rista. Rista hopes that efforts to increase tourism awareness for the community around Lake Toba, which is the current Super Priority Tourism Destination, can make them a better host for tourists and can support improved welfare for local residents. "In addition to improving tourism-conscious people, it also creates a conducive climate for tourism, as well as the community can benefit from tourism activities, by applying tourism awareness elements, namely Excellent Service, Sapta Pesona, and CHSE," he added.