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Togaraja New Attractions in Lake Toba, Here are the Beauties that Can Be Enjoyed

Togaraja New Attractions in Lake Toba, Here are the Beauties that Can Be Enjoyed

PANGURURAN, Lake Toba is an international tourist attraction that has reopened a new tourist destination in Partungko Naginjang Village, Harian Boho District, Samosir Regency. This tourist attraction is named Togaraja which can amaze tourist visitors enjoying the beauty of natural charm. In a location with unspoiled beauty, visitors can enjoy the beauty of Mount Pusuk Buhit which is a sacred place for batak people, Holbung Hill, Sibea-bea Hill, Daily Valley and Tele View Tower which are still positioned lower than Togaraja.

Sahat Sinaga, Head of Partungko Naginjang Village to Waspada Online said, Togaraja is taken from the name of the place which is now a tourist attraction, has been officially opened to tourists since June 16, 2022 and is managed by the Village-Owned Enterprise (BUMDes) Sappinur Bunga Tourism Village Business Unit.

According to him, since its inauguration as a tourist attraction, Togaraja has been visited by as many as 4,500 tourists. "We see from the number of tickets sold. The price is IDR 5,000 / person, IDR 5,000 for motorcycle parking and IDR 10,000 for car parking," he said. Sahat said his party is preparing a master plan to be the basis for the implementation of the development.

"Slowly with the support of the local government and the center of the rides that we plan will be placed according to the master plan. The closest and most urgent plan is the arrangement of roads to the Togaraja location and the provision of electricity facilities directly to tourist sites," said Sahat.

Togaraja is a new choice for tourists, a series of popular tourist attractions in Samosir Regency. The nickname Togaraja as a land above the clouds, makes the guests of tourists not choose the wrong place, because it can be used for camping.

It is not difficult to find Togaraja, if it is already on the dolok sanggul cross path, then we can see a large signpost as a sign of intersection into tourist attractions. When heading to this place, along the way we can see the farm fields belonging to the community, and the majority grow cabbage, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

Andi Eka Saputra, a visitor said, that Togaraja is one of the tourist attractions in the Lake Toba area that should be proud of. In addition to the beautiful scenery, there are also several types of flora. "As I found, the people here call it sae-sae leaves. And this can be used as a traditional batak medicine herb," he said.