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The VIIth Tour de Sinabung 2022 Promotes Karo's Tourism Potential and Revives the Creative Economy

The VIIth Tour de Sinabung 2022 Promotes Karo's Tourism Potential and Revives the Creative Economy

Brand, Karo Regency Tourism Event entitled The VIIth Tour de Sinabung in 2022 is again held. 1,200 participants in the mountain bike category and 140 onthel bikers from various regions participated in the competition enthusiastically.

Karo Regent, Cory S Sebayang released the participants of the annual Tour De Sinabung (TDS) event which took place on Sunday (04/09/2022) in Brand Village, Merek District, Karo Regency.

TDS is organized by the Tanah Karo Hebat Community and has been implemented since 2014 but was stopped from organizing due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For this year, the activity is filled with mountain bike cruising and onthel tourism events. Taking the starting point for mountain bike participants is located at the Merek District Office, while for onthel bicycles take the start from Sibolangit Village (Brand District) with their respective finish points at Sinalsal Tongging Beach. Calendar of Events Ministry of Tourism

Tour De Sinabung is a National event that is held every year because it is included in the Calendar of Events (CoE) of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia.

On this occasion, Regent Cory S Sebayang, appreciated the implementation of TDS VII in 2022.

Promoting Karo Regency as a Tourism Destination Area

According to him, this event was attended by participants from various circles, professions and jobs. Tour de Sinabung explores the tourist attractions in Tanah Karo as well as to introduce and promote Karo Regency as an area that has a lot of tourist potential, with beautiful tourist spots and cool air.

"Every Tour De Sinabung event is always awaited every year by participants outside the area, because the track presented is so challenging for adrenaline. The pegowes are always faced with off-road and on-road tracks," said the Regent.

It is said that every route traveled by the pegowes has natural beauty from the starting point to the finish. He said his party also involved the Karo District Health Office in this event.

"This is in anticipation, if there are pegowes who need medical treatment during the journey to the finish. We have urged the relevant agencies to always prepare ambulances and medicines needed for temporary handling," he explained.

This activity automatically drives the economy of the surrounding community, he said.

"This event must be maintained and developed for the sake of creating the slogan, "One Bicycle, A Million Brothers, Let's Gowes for Health". Thus, Karo tourism is also increasingly advanced and famous," he concluded.

Also present, the Head of the Cultural, Youth and Sports and Tourism Office, head of the Karo Agricultural Service, Ir. Metehsa Karo Karo Purba, Head of the Brand Sub-District, Bartholomeus Barus, SSTP, representatives from Dandim 0205 / TK, Yonif 125 / Simbisa, The Implementing Agency of the Lake Toba Authority (BPODT), Langkat Regency Government, Medan City Government and Simalungun Regency Government.

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