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Lake Toba Rally 2022 HTI PT Toba Pulp Lestari Aek Nauli, Parapat Takes Place Successfully

Lake Toba Rally 2022 HTI PT Toba Pulp Lestari Aek Nauli, Parapat Takes Place Successfully

The 2022 Rally National Championship was a success. This championship is called the Lake Toba Rally 2022 which will take place from 5-7 August 2022 at the Industrial Plantation Forest concession of PT Toba Pulp Lestari Sector Aek Nauli Parapat, Simalungun. This event was attended by 46 runners from various regions in Indonesia.

Lake Toba Rally 2022 is divided into 9 special stages (SS) in Aek Nauli, Gorbus and Huta Tonga with a total distance of 333.86 km. The winner of the M1 category was won by Ryan Nirwan from Toyota Gazoo Racing Indonesia. The M2 category was won by Bintang Bartean from BRM Motorsport. The M3 champion was won by Benny Lautan from RFT Motorsport.

The F1 category was won by Sunny Boy, F2 by Andrew Hutabarat, F3 was won by Yosep Suryanto. While the R3 category was won by Ronny JS and the J2 category by Achmad aldio Oekon.

The Lake Toba Rally this time was attended by several celebrities such as Rifat Sungkar who made another comeback after 12 years of vacuum. There is Pasetyo Edi Marsudi (Chairman of the DKI Jakarta DPRD and PDIP politician). Franc Bernhard Tumanggor (Regent of West Pakpak), Musa Rajekshah (Deputy governor of North Sumatra and Politician of Golkar), Harun Mustafa (Chairman of IMI Sumut and Deputy Speaker of the North Sumatra DPRD).

As for the purpose of the Lake Toba Rally event this time, in addition to the routine activities of the Indonesian Motor Association (IMI), this event is intended as a driving force to revive tourism in Lake Toba.

Musa Rajekshah, Deputy Governor of North Sumatra who also took part in this Rally said, "Lake Toba Rally 2022 is an event to prove itself that North Sumatra is able to organize the Rally well and successfully. The success of the Lake Toba Rally 2022 is the starting point for us to host the World Rally Championship.

In particular, Musa Rajekshah expressed his gratitude to the ranks of PT Toba Pulp Lestari for helping the committee prepare the Land Concession of PT TPL sector Aek Nauli to be the venue for the activity. Without the full support of the management of PT Toba Pulp Lestari, this activity could not have been successful.

Musa Rajekshah also added his gratitude to the people of Simalungun who provided good support in organizing this event. Also for the TNI &Polri who cooperate and work hard to secure the activities of the Lake Toba Rally 2022 so that it is successful and there are no incidents. The audience is also very disciplined and can be invited to comply with the existing regulations.

Jandres Silalahi (Deputy TPL Head) whom I met during the opening ceremony said that TPL has been working with the Indonesian Motor Association since 1997 for the implementation of the National Rally in the Aek Nauli Sector. This TPL support is in order to support Sport Tourism. Jandres Silalahi said that with the presence of 46 pereli from various regions this time, it will certainly have a positive impact on hotel occupancy, where these 46 teams are certainly supported by their families and teams, fans from pereli must also come and stay. Likewise, the partners of the racers who sponsor each of the teams. So celebrations like this must be very useful for the sustainability of Lake Toba Tourism.

Added, the 2022 Lake Toba Rally National Championship will definitely also drive the economic sector in this area. Traders, tourist business actors, MSMEs will be able to feel the presence of this event.  And therefore, it is there that PT Toba Pulp Lestari feels obliged to attend and contribute to the Lake Toba area.

Asian Pacific Rally Championship Host

The successful implementation of the Lake Toba Rally 2022, the North Sumatra was declared passed and will host the Asian Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) which will be held in the Industrial Plantation Forest of PT Toba Pulp Lestari Sector Aek Nauli on 23-25 2022. Musa Rajekshah has been informed that the racers from India and Japan have already declared to be participating in the upcoming APRC.

Anwar Lawden (Director of PT Toba Pulp Lestari) said that the 2022 Lake Toba Rally championship has been completed well and is quite successful. Congratulations to the winners and participants of the race. May the runners always miss the atmosphere of Lake Toba and may they come back in a bigger event in the future. The Aek Nauli route on the HTI Toba Pulp Lestari land is a difficult and challenging route. Of course this will be a memory for the runners. Anwar Lawden said PT Toba Pulp Lestari will continue to be present and contribute in North Sumatra to the progress of North Sumatra, especially Lake Toba.