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Public Consultation in Labuan Bajo for Updating the Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)

Public Consultation in Labuan Bajo for Updating the Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)

In purpose to update the Environmental and Social Management Framework  (ESMF) which is one of the requirements to add new destinations in Indonesia Tourism Development Program (ITDP) or Program Pembangunan Pariwisata Terintegrasi dan Berkelanjutan (P3TB), Bappenas held a public consultation for Labuan Bajo destination on December 13, 2019 at Hotel Bintang Flores, Labuan Bajo. It was attended by central government, local government, entrepreneurs, community, NGO and academicians.

In the introduction, the Executing Officer of Deputy of Research, Education and Development, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Restog Krisna Kusuma, conveyed that Labuan Bajo constituted one of super priority tourism destinations pursuant to the President’s direction. To develop Labuan Bajo tourism, the Government of Indonesia obtained the Government of Switzerland’s assistant through World Bank for the preparation of its Integrated Tourism Master Plan (ITMP). Regional Infrastructure Development Agency (Badan Pengembangan Infrastruktur Wilayah—BPIW) Ministry of Public Work and Housing as the executing agency of P3TB will recruit the consultant to prepare the ITMP for Labuan Bajo.

Furthermore, Istasius Angger Anindito, Executing Officer of the Head of Sub-Directorate of Tourism Bappenas, delivered the importance of the establishment of Tourism Working Group (Pokja) in the regions. The Pokja will play the role as collaboration vessel for stakeholders (both government and non-government) for developing Labuan Bajo tourism. Pokja will guide the substance of ITMP and guard its implementation. Bappenas will hold courtesy meeting with Governor and Bupati in relation with the establishment of the said Pokja.

In the opening, Shana Fatina, from Labuan Bajo Tourism Authority Agency—Badan Otorita Pariwisata (BOP), presented the improvement plan to make Labuan Bajo comfortably and safely enjoyed by all levels of tourists. There are still many things  to be improved to make Labuan Bajo become world-class super premium tourism destination.

In the main event, Maulidya Indah Junica from Regional Infrastructure Development Agency (BPIW) Ministry of Public Work and Housing delivered the draft ESMF presentation. She underlined that the Labuan Bajo tourism development should take into attention to the protection of environment and social aspects referring to the ESMF. Environmental aspects among others are related to bio-diversity, natural habitat and disaster risk management, while the social aspects cover among other land acquisition and re-settlement, indigenous people and preservation of cultural heritage objects.

Responding to the draft ESMF presentation, participants expressed their input and questions which were then became the topic of discussion, i.e.: (1) the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the State-Owned/private Enterprises to support Labuan Bajo tourism; (2) the need to pay attention to adaptive management in ITMP preparation, more than to supporting and carrying capacities aspects; (3) to include in ITMP the Komodo ecosystem in Flores land mainly those in HPL-4 zone; (4) the problems of solid waste, liquid waste and hazardous waste to be taken into attention in ITMP; (5) the planning shall refer to Regional Spatial Plan for suitable area allotment; (6) information in current ESMF revision documents only covers the Komodo National Park (TNK), no comprehensive coverage of Labuan Bajo yet; and (7) the need to add important ecosystem for Labuan Bajo and ecological track of tourism activities on current ecosystem.

To the above questions and input, the spoke-persons responded as follows: (1) CSR will be encouraged to support Labuan Bajo tourism, i.e. in the form of activities suitable with community needs and able to provide sustainable output. It is expected that it will come in the form of training for the community to improve agricultural and farming quality to make them competitive compared with external suppliers; (2) adaptive management approach will be recommended to ITMP consultant as well as the aspects of supporting and carrying capacities; (3) Komodo ecosystem that is on Flores land (in particular HPL-4 zone) will be studied at baseline data stage by ITMP consultant, including to recommend the areas that can or cannot be developed; (4) sanitation handling, i.e. liquid waste, solid waste, hazardous waste and fecal waste is included in activities than can be financed by the project. ITMP Consultant will include those in the planning if required and will determine if it is urgent investment or will be programmed in the next years.; (5) ITMP consultant according to its TOR should pay attention to local regulations including spatial plan. The Pokja will guard ITMP Consultant to accommodate regional needs or regulation;  (6) Broader information on Labuan Bajo will be added; and (7) There is stipulation set forth in current draft ESMF that biosphere area of the TNK covers bio-diversity locations to through Bima Island.

Should there any input for improvement that has not been discussed in the public consultation, participants and public community can send them by email to and in short period.