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Wakatobi Local Government Prepares IDR 3.3 Billion for Vaname Shrimp Development

Wakatobi Local Government Prepares IDR 3.3 Billion for Vaname Shrimp Development

ZONASULTRA.ID, WANGIWANGI The Regional Government (Pemda) through the Marine and Fisheries Service (DKP) of Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi (Sultra) prepared a budget of IDR 3.3 billion.

The budget, which is quite fantastic, is planned for the development of vaname shrimp in 2023.

This was done after successfully conducting a trial some time ago. Acting Head of DKP Wakatobi Mulyanto Regency said, as a first step, they temporarily carried out the preparation of Environmental Management Efforts and Environmental Monitoring Efforts (UKL UPL) in conjunction with the Vaname shrimp development planning document.

This year, they have also prepared an area of 1.3 hectares for the development of Vaname shrimp farming in Longa Village, adjacent to the Sea World building in Wangiwangi District. The land, said Mulyanto, has been certified on behalf of the DKP.

"We are temporarily taking care of its UPL UKL, for soda screening at the Environment Agency (DLH). We have also budgeted more than IDR 3 billion for the development of Vaname shrimp, no later than March 2023 it will be atdo it at auction," he said in Wangiwangi Selatan (Wangsel), Thursday (2/2/2023).

Mulyanto further explained that the Government's expectations are actually managed by regional public companies (Perumda), but have not been determined as regional regulations (Perda).

The IDR 3.3 billion budget is not only intended for the manufacture of ponds, but is used for other costs.

"So for its management, we use the Cooperation Agreement (PKS) system with private parties or third parties. The budget is partly also for the construction of offices, warehouses for feed, and wwtp. Then the creation of a pool with a diameter of 20×20 meters is approximately 10-15 ponds," he said.