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You often see colorful tour buses in Jogja, these are the names and routes

You often see colorful tour buses in Jogja, these are the names and routes

YOGYA - Yogyakarta residents and tourists who happen to be in the Yogyakarta City area have probably seen a new tourist bus with dominant glass and colorful pictures passing by on the streets. Then, what bus is it actually and for whom?

It turns out that the glass bus is the Jogja Heritage Track owned by the DIY Regional Government, which now has two units. These buses can be used by the public with a free reservation system through the DIY Culture Office and Yogyakarta Tourism Training Center (JTTC) DIY.

Rully Andriadi, Head of the Section for Maintenance and Development of Cultural Heritage at the DIY Culture Service, said that starting February 1, 2023, buses that have actually been around since 2022 can be accessed by the public in general. The Jogja Heritage Track bus, according to Rully, was made to socialize heritage or history preservation in DIY.

"We chose the theme of the philosophical axis as a start, exploring interesting parts of Yogyakarta. Themes and destinations will continue to be updated continuously so that people can be actively involved in cultural preservation in DIY," he told reporters at the launch at the Sonobudoyo Museum, Wednesday (1/2/2023).

In 2022, the Jogja Heritage Track bus carried 8,000 people to explore Yogyakarta's interesting points. The philosophical axis area was introduced, namely the Monument, the Kraton to the Krapyak Stage which has the meaning of symbolizing the journey of human life.

"This year apart from the Philosophical Axis we will also introduce the themes of struggle, education, religion and so on. For religion, for example, mosques or churches with the theme of cultural heritage. There are 10 new themes and we are exploring opportunities. We survey the track as well. There will be various service options so that people can vote, for free," he said again.

Two routes are currently being operated every day, namely the Culture Service to Tugu and Malioboro as well as the Yogyakarta Palace area. There are two schedules, morning and afternoon with a free reservation system. Several other things will also be refined in the future. One of them is the addition of air conditioning because the dominance of glass makes the temperature warmer on the bus.

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