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Here's One of the Special Guests at the Opening of the Golo Koe Labuan Bajo Festival

Here's One of the Special Guests at the Opening of the Golo Koe Labuan Bajo Festival

KLIKLABUANBAJO.ID| The opening of the Golo Koe Labuan Bajo Festival has taken place at waterfront city Labuan Bajo, Monday (8/8/2022) night.

The events at labuan Bajo's newest icon were lively attended by a number of invitees, including special guests at the opening of the Golo Koe Festival.

One of the special guests who attended the opening of the Golo Koe Labuan Bajo Festival that night was the Regent of North Minahasa, North Sulawesi Province,Joune James Esau Ganda, with his entourage.

His presence was known for certain when he was addressed in remarks at the evening's event.

Bishop Ruteng Mgr Siprianus Hormat and the priests in the territory of the Diocese of Ruteng were present in person at the opening ceremony of the Festival.

Coordinating Minister (Menko) for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Marves)Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, gave a speech via video.

The bishop at the time said that tourism was not a feast of the berduits but a feast of the people.

Tourism also said he should involve local people. In addition, the Bishop said that tourism should be built inclusively, not exclusively.

He also stressed about the need to value the diversity of life and tolerance.

"Tourism actually has to be participated from us, by us, and for us. Tourism should involve local communities," bishop Mgr Siprianus said.

He added that Indonesia has become great and famous not in uniformity but in diversity.

The bishop asked Catholics in the diocese to always extend the hands of friendship.

The bishop also called for all Catholics in the Diocese of Ruteng to be able to maintain peace, harmony and diversity.

Meanwhile, Coordinating Minister Marves expressed his appreciation to the Diocese of Ruteng for organizing the festival.

"To capture spritual wealth, as well as to shake the wheels of the economy in this area," said Coordinating Minister Marves.

The Golo Koe Festival says he should be a source of the spirit of diversity.

"Thank you Diocese of Ruteng for being a place to work for the entire community," said Coordinating Minister Marves.