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Bantul recorded 7,475 tourists to Parangtritis using visitingjogja

Bantul recorded 7,475 tourists to Parangtritis using visitingjogja

Bantul (ANTARA) - The Bantul Regency Tourism Office, Yogyakarta Special Region, recorded that 7,475 tourists who visited the Parangtritis Beach area during the last weekend made reservations through the visitingjogja application provided by the local government.

"The data of tourists visiting the Parangtritis Beach area based on reservations through visitingjogja are 7,475 people," said Head of Promotion and Information of the Bantul Tourism Office Markus Purnomo Aji in Bantul, Monday.

He said that the number of Parangtritis Beach tourists who made reservations through the Yogyakarta tourism information portal was less than those who visited directly through the main tourist levy collection site (TPR).

In fact, he said, by going through a reservation in advance, it can reduce the queue at the tourist entrance gate, because tourists have bought entrance tickets online with non-cash payments.

"More tourists who come, use the application about 25 percent compared to the number of tourists who come. With the application, non-cash payments can be made, so it can reduce queues," he said.

However, the local government will not encourage tourists to make reservations in advance when they will visit the Parangtritis area, but it is adjusted to the needs of tourists.

"While the application is an offer. And so far, visitingjogja is available for the Parangtritis tourist area and the Mangunan tourist area," he said.

From the reservation data, tourists from Central Java dominate with 53.2 percent, followed by East Java 20.2 percent, then West Java 10.3 percent, from DIY with 8.6 percent, from DKI 3.5 percent, Lampung 1 .8 percent, and Banten 1.3 percent, and North Sumatra one percent.

Meanwhile, data on tourist visits to all Bantul destinations, both direct and reservations during the weekend holidays from 5 - 7 August 2022, totaled 26,259 people, with local revenue of IDR 254.8 million.

"Meanwhile, the total weekly tourists from August 1-7, 2022 are 36,351 people with an original regional income of IDR 352.8 million," he said.

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