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The freshness of Sendang Maren, a Natural Spring from Sawangan Magelang

The freshness of Sendang Maren, a Natural Spring from Sawangan Magelang

BERITAMAGELANG.ID - Exploring tourism in Magelang will never end. This area which is surrounded by five mountains has many tourist attractions. Starting from historical tourism, natural tourism, artificial tourism, to culinary tourism, all are in Magelang.

Magelang becomes a destination when tourists need a place to escape from routine. Especially for those who want to feel the freshness and coolness. Like one of the destinations in Magelang that presents a natural atmosphere, namely Sendang Maren.

Sendang Maren maybe many people do not know this place because it is not a tourist place, but a public bathing place. Sendang Maren is a spring in an unspoiled environment. The location is in Maren Village, Sawangan District, Magelang Regency.

At first, Sendang Maren was only used by the residents of Maren Village and its surroundings for bathing or other needs. But recently, this natural spring has begun to be visited by many people from outside the area for swimming or just taking photos.

The clear water seems to refresh the heart and it feels like you want to jump right in and feel the fresh natural water. Moreover, the location is natural and surrounded by many large trees.

The gurgling clear water of Sendang Maren is an attraction for people to come to it. Like one of the tourists from Yogyakarta, Laras, who is willing to go all the way to visit Sendang Maren to relieve fatigue.

"It's fresh, the water is clear, the atmosphere is cool. Anyway, it's really good for those who like swimming and the place is also quiet and calming, so it can relieve fatigue too," said Laras.

Although the depth reaches 2 meters for tourists who are not able to swim, visitors can enjoy underwater scenery such as rocks, fish and more than one underwater plant.

"Swimming in the Sendang Maren baths, there is no entry fee or free, and visitors only need to pay for parking," explained Laras.

Currently, Sendang Maren is managed by PDAM Tirta Gemilang and is used as a water source for several areas in Magelang Regency.

Although not as busy as other tours, during holidays some local residents set up small stalls for visitors who need snacks or drinks. This can support residents to earn extra from their livelihoods.

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