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Natural Tourism Objects of Mount Telomoyo Open the

Natural Tourism Objects of Mount Telomoyo Open the "pores" of Local Economy

BERITAMAGELANG.ID-The development of Mount Telomoyo as a natural tourist attraction has been able to open the "pores" of the residents' economy. Because the residents of Pandean Village, Ngablak District, Magelang Regency, are involved in the management, starting from guarding the entrance, tour guides who are also Jeep car drivers, to selling at the kiosks that have been built.

"Now, the people's economy is growing rapidly. Before 2017, the Telomoyo area was not organized, now it is well organized. There are around 140 heads of families (KK) involved, either as guard officers at the entrance in rotation, because the Telomoyo entrance is open 24 hours. hours," said the Head of the Telomoyo Natural Tourism Object Manager, Edi Sutrisno, Tuesday (9/8-2022).

Together with Mul Budi Santoso, a tourism activist in Magelang Regency who is also the President Director of Ketep Pass Tourism Object, Edi Sutrisno in a talk show entitled Jamus Gemilang special for Mount Telomoyo Nature Tourism Destinations, guided by Dharma Wijaya, in the parking lot of Mount Telomoyo tourist attraction, broadcast live via chenel Youtube Gemilang FM Official.

According to Edi Sutrisno, the involvement of community members from several hamlets in Pandean Village, Ngablak District, Magelang Regency, in managing the natural tourist attraction of Mount Telomoyo, is important to ensure that tourist destinations can benefit residents. The involvement of residents is not limited to being an officer, but being able to sell in the area, of course, those who are members of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) group.

Meanwhile, of the 140 families involved, they were divided into groups, where each group had 40 people, they got a schedule for guarding the entrance once a month. "This is one way for residents to feel they own and maintain the natural tourist attraction of Mount Telomoyo so that it can develop," he added.

For entrance tickets to the Mount Telomoyo area, IDR 15,000 per visitor, and tourists can use two-wheeled vehicles to be able to climb to the top of Mount Telomoyo, to enjoy the extraordinary natural scenery. For tourists who use cars, they are not allowed to go by car, but the manager provides a Jeep with a monastery of IDR 400 thousand for four people.

"Why are cars not allowed to ride. It's solely for the safety of visitors, because to get to the top of Telomoyo, the road is narrow and winding with sharp climbs and steep descents, making it dangerous for tourists. So the manager provides a fleet of Jeeps as transportation to the top, including a trained driver the road conditions," he added.

Magelang Regency Tourism Activist, Mul Budi Santoso, who is usually called Bodrek, added that the peak of Mount Telomoyo, which is located in Semarang Regency and Magelang Regency, Central Java, is the only mountain in Indonesia that can be climbed using a vehicle. So, tourists don't need to struggle to climb the mountain which has a height of 1,894 m above sea level by foot, but just sit on a motorbike or Jeep.

On the way to the top, tourists will be spoiled with extraordinary natural scenery, there is fog that always hits tourists, they can even see the peaks of five mountains covered by clouds, and see the blue expanse of Rawa Pening water in Ambarawa, Semarang Regency. "When we reach the top of Telomoyo, it is as if we are above the clouds, with fresh cool air," he explained.

Not only that, during the trip to the top, tourists can see sports that have been built, such as the Awang-awang sport with a glass floor, Enggel Kaffe which sells superior coffee products typical of Temomoyo, there is Taman Langit Top View, and Sanres and Sanset can be seen from the top. Mount Telomoyo which is a strato-shaped volcano (cone) that has never been recorded to erupt.

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