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Seruni Point Glass Bridge Managed by Central Government After Construction of Gate-Rest Area is Complete

Seruni Point Glass Bridge Managed by Central Government After Construction of Gate-Rest Area is Complete

Probolinggo District, Bhirawa. The construction of the Glass Bridge at Seruni Point Sukapura, Probolinggo Regency continues to be accelerated. Currently, the construction progress is estimated to have reached more than 50 percent. The construction phase is still focused on the construction phase of the glass bridge foundation.
Plt BB-TNBTS (Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Center) is directly facing the Acting Regent of Probolinggo HA. Prihanjoko emerged. The goal is to discuss the preparation of a new tourist destination management plan at Bromo Tengger Semeru (BTS) in the form of a glass bridge.

Novita as the Acting Head of BB-TNBTS, Monday (4/7) said it was very important to discuss the technical initial plan for the management of the glass bridge destination. Considering the development of tourist spots which are predicted to be able to increase the local revenue (PAD) of Probolinggo Regency higher. It is also estimated that the bridge will be completed this year.

"Therefore, whoever will be appointed as the manager of the tourist spot must be ready. Because there will also be a transfer of knowledge and supporting technology needed from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR)," he said.

Meanwhile, Plt. Timbul Regent Prihanjoko said, ideally for the management of the glass bridge tourist spot, a special institution that handles local government business. There is still at least three years to prepare for it. This is in accordance with a previous agreement with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. During the first three years of operation the glass bridge was temporarily still handled by the ministry.

“While waiting for the time and transfer of knowledge, we are preparing human resources who will handle the bridge. Because this bridge is also supported by special technology. So, in the first three years, the glass bridge tourism will be managed directly by the ministry," he explained.

Separately, the Head of the Department of Housing, Settlement and Land Affairs, Oemar Sjarif, when confirmed, said that the construction of the glass bridge at Seruni Point Sukapura was continuing. The implementation of the development is directly handled by the ministry.

"The progress of the construction, the information we have received, has reached around 25 percent to 30 percent. Now the development is still focused on the foundation stage," he explained.

The construction of the Glass Bridge at Seruni Point, Sukapura District, Probolinggo Regency, continues to be accelerated. So far, the development progress has reached about 50 percent. The bridge foundation has been completed. Now, entering the construction stage of the top of the bridge foundation.

Acting Regent of Probolinggo Timbul Prihanjoko together with a number of heads of regional apparatus organizations (OPD) descended on the bridge construction site, Thursday (30/6). They reviewed the progress of the development of the new tourist destination at Seruni Point.
The Head of the Probolinggo Regency Housing, Settlement, and Land Agency (Disperkim) Oemar Sjarif said the progress of the construction of the Seruni Point Glass Bridge has reached 50 percent. It is in accordance with the work plan," he said.

Oemar explained that the bridge foundation had been built. Now, entering the stage of construction of the top of the foundation. He is optimistic that the work will be completed according to the target by the end of this year. however, to start operating, has not been confirmed.

"We have prepared the land for the construction of the glass bridge and the parking lot. The implementation of all construction directly from the center through the state budget. We in the regions only support the process,” he explained.

It is known, the first glass bridge in Indonesia, has been built in the Puncak Seruni Point parking area, Sukapura. This project is budgeted at around Rp 16 billion from the 2022 state budget. This bridge will be built for 120 meters with a depth of 80 meters under the bridge. This facility was built to pamper Bromo tourists.
Mount Bromo which is a National Tourism Strategic Area (KSPN). After the glass bridge was built at the top of Seruni Point Sukapura, next year the Central Government plans to build the entrance gate and Bromo tourist rest area.

The development plan sourced from the APBN will be placed at the T-junction of the Sukapura Village/Sub-district. a number of OPD Probolinggo Regency, descended to the location of the development plan. As a first step, to determine the assets of the Probolinggo Regency Government which can be used to build the Bromo entrance and rest area.

Santiyono, Head of Bappeda of Probolinggo Regency when confirmed yesterday, said that Probolinggo Regency would again be launched a number of developments to support KSPN. One of them is the construction of the entrance gate and Bromo rest area which is planned in the Sukapura area.

"Yes, the ministry plans development to support Mount Bromo tourism. The development plan includes the entrance and rest area of ??Bromo. All construction is sourced from the state budget. Such is the case with the construction of a glass bridge at the top of Seruni Point," he said.

Santiyono explained that the Probolinggo Regency Government was asked by the center to prepare the land for the construction. Well, the other day his party together with a number of related OPD went directly to the location. In order to ensure that the land becomes the assets of the Probolinggo Regency. As is the case with the land of the former branch office of the education office. There is also a Sukapura vegetable market, which is an asset of the district government.

"For how much land, we are still not sure. Because, we just went down to confirm and calculate the existing land assets belonging to the district government," he explained.

In addition, there are also villas belonging to the assets of the East Java Provincial Government. Well, all of that must be immediately ascertained its status. If the provincial government's villa is asking for compensation, it must be ascertained where to ask for compensation. Do you ask for a change to the center or the regions?

“Now the related OPD has related assets around the development plan, to ascertain the ownership status and files. Including if there are individual buildings on the assets of the regency government, it will also be taken care of soon, he added.

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