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Yogyakarta Smart Park participates in suppressing stunting

Yogyakarta Smart Park participates in suppressing stunting

Yogyakarta (ANTARA) - A tourist and educational place in Yogyakarta, Taman Pintar, has participated in reducing stunting by re-launching the Early Childhood Education zone, after being updated, so that it can provide more complete information about children's growth and development.

"The existence of this zone is very important to support complete human development for the realization of a strong generation to build Indonesia," said Yogyakarta Mayor Sumadi on the sidelines of the relaunch of the Taman Pintar PAUD zone in Yogyakarta, Friday.

The Taman Pintar PAUD zone, which is located in the playground area, is the result of a collaboration with a food and beverage product producer, Danone Indonesia.

The PAUD zone was built in conjunction with the construction of the first Smart Park 14 years ago and this year it was renovated with the addition of better supporting facilities.

The PAUD building on the east side is equipped with facilities to train children's motor skills, space for physical activity, robotics, introduction of various customs and cultural stages.

The PAUD building on the west side is mostly used to train cognitive functions, one of which is providing space for early education on waste management, urban-themed play areas and firefighting.

Sumadi hopes that the already well-established cooperation between Taman Pintar and Danone Indonesia will continue so that it can provide a more interactive vehicle.

Chairperson of the Yogyakarta Early Childhood Working Group, Gusti Kanjeng Bendara, Raden Ayu Adipati Paku Alam X, said that every child has the same rights to access education, nutrition, health, care and protection.

"We want to be able to realize quality PAUD with holistic PAUD services so that we can reduce stunting," he said.

Even though the prevalence of stunting in DIY is below the national target of 14 percent in 2020, communication with parents to ensure the fulfillment of nutrition for children is still carried out.

"Currently, the prevalence of stunting reaches 12 percent. Better than the national target in 2024, which is 14 percent," he said.

He ensures that stunting can be prevented, including by improving diet, improving parenting, and increasing access to clean water.

Sustainable Development Director of Danone Indonesia, Karyanto Wibowo, said that health is the foundation for realizing advanced generations in the future.

"Understandings related to good and balanced nutrition must continue to be disseminated. We also present this PAUD to support the government's efforts to reduce stunting," he said.

On this occasion, the Fill My Plate Yogyakarta campaign was also launched, which contained education about the composition of a balanced diet that must be present in one plate of food to support the growth and development of children.

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