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Sandiaga Uno Praises the Bugisan Tourism Village of Klaten: The Attractiveness of Plaosan Temple

Sandiaga Uno Praises the Bugisan Tourism Village of Klaten: The Attractiveness of Plaosan Temple

KLATEN, - Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf), Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno visited the tourist village of Bugisan, Prambanan, Klaten Regency, Friday (1/7/2022). The Bugisan tourist village is included in the top 50 of the 2022 Indonesian Tourism Village Award (ADWI). "I congratulate you, on this Friday the Bugisan tourist village has penetrated the top 50, Indonesia's best tourist village from 3,500 participants," said Sandiaga.

He said that the attraction of the Bugisan tourist village is the Plaosan Temple or the Twin Temples which have a philosophy of love. According to him, the eco print products belonging to Bugisan Village are of good quality and should be introduced more widely through the proud national movement program made in Indonesia.

In addition, Sandiaga appreciated the Pring Sedapur musical instrument made by Ki Sutikno and was impressed by local wisdom such as the waste bank. He hopes that because the Bugisan tourism village is an ecosystem for the development of the Borobudhur sub-priority area, it will increase tourists to come to Klaten Regency, especially the Bugisan tourist village.

“I see the Bugisan tourist village as a pilot cluster of 1.1 million new quality, community-based jobs in rural areas. So that the community's strength to rise again after the pandemic can be realized, we will realize it and the target of 2024 is the creation of 4.4 million new and quality jobs," he said.

Accompanied by the Regent of Klaten, Sri Mulyani, Sandiaga visited all the original products of the Bugisan tourism village, ranging from herbal medicine, eco print, stone carving, and witnessed the struggle for gunungan vegetables, Pring Sepur, Javanese script school, and the original Bugisan dance. Regent of Klaten

Sri Mulyani expressed her gratitude because the Bugisan tourist village was included in the top 50 of ADWI 2022. "The Minister's arrival has added to our enthusiasm, to develop tourist villages in Klaten Regency," he said.

According to him, the Bugisan tourist village is different from other villages. Because the only tourist village that has the magnificent building of the Twin Temple or Plaosan Temple. “Hopefully (Bugisan Tourism Village) will be included in the smaller nominations. So that it can lift tourism in Klaten Regency," he said.

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