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Klaten RTRW Regional Regulation Revised

Klaten RTRW Regional Regulation Revised

KLATEN – The Klaten Regency Government plans to realize the synergy of the agricultural sector with industry and tourism areas. This is stated in the revised Regional Spatial Plan (RTRW) for 2021-2041.

In a cross-sectoral meeting held by the Directorate General of Spatial Planning through the Directorate of Regional Spatial Planning Development of the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning in Jakarta on Thursday, (23/09), the Regent of Klaten, Sri Mulyani said that the Klaten Regency Government is committed to realizing a region that continues to develop. . Nevertheless, regional growth should not rule out the agricultural sector which has been the mainstay of Klaten Regency.

“Klaten continues to grow and it must develop. Therefore, spatial planning also needs to be adjusted by considering the rules and space requirements for agriculture, industry, tourism, and settlements," he said.

Furthermore, Mulyani also expressed her hope that after the regulation on the RTRW of Klaten Regency was enacted, an industrial area would be formed and Klaten would not only be a track. In addition, he also hopes that Klaten Regency can become a tourist destination city through its culinary arts so that many investors enter Klaten Regency.

"We hope that the acceleration of the determination of the Klaten RTRW can run smoothly. Realizing a safe, productive, and sustainable area for the Klaten Regency with the implementation of development based on agriculture, industry and tourism," he explained.

During the meeting, the Draft Regional Regulation (Ranperda) on the Denpasar City Spatial Plan (RTRW) for 2021-2041 was also discussed, the Draft Regional Regulation (Ranperda) on the Grobogan Regency Spatial Plan (RTRW) for 2021-2041, and the discussion on the Draft Regional Regulation (Ranperda). Regional Regulation (Ranperda) concerning the Klaten Regency Spatial Planning (RTRW) 2021-2041.

Quoted from The Director General of Spatial Planning, Abdul Kamarzuki, said that since the introduction of the Job Creation Act (UUCK) the substance approval process only has a meter of 20 days since this cross-sectoral discussion was carried out.

"After the Persub is issued, it is the duty of the Regional Head together with the DPRD to stipulate a Regional Regulation within a maximum period of 2 (two) months," he said.

Kamarzuki also emphasized that regional heads should immediately form a Spatial Planning Forum because the KKPR Approval process was carried out through the consideration of the Spatial Planning Forum.