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Mandalika Becomes the Host of the ASEAN EPPIC Plastic Waste Management Innovation Competition

Mandalika Becomes the Host of the ASEAN EPPIC Plastic Waste Management Innovation Competition, Mataram - The National Coordinating Team for Marine Waste Management (TKN PSL) from 16 line ministries together with UNDP with support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) will hold the Ending Plastic Pollution Innovation Challenge (EPPIC) Phase competition. II in Indonesia and the Philippines.

The good news is that the momentum of holding the EPPIC phase II competition in Indonesia, which is planned to be centered in Mandalika, Central Lombok, NTB Province, is in line with the zero waste program that is being intensively implemented by the NTB Provincial Government.

This was known in the soft Launching Ending Plastic Pollution Innovation Challenge (EPPIC) Phase II - Indonesia and the Talkshow "The Idea of ??72 Thousand Dollars to Combat Plastic Waste" which was attended by the Governor of NTB, Dr. H. Zulkieflimansyah, M.Sc., via virtual office in his office, Tuesday (16/3/2021).

EPPIC itself is a competition at the Southeast Asian level which aims to capture innovations in handling plastic waste in the sea that invites innovators to share brilliant ideas for dealing with plastic pollution, as well as providing opportunities for innovators to receive initial funding and incubation training to help them maximize their success. innovation.

In his speech, the Governor of NTB, Dr. Zulkieflimansyah said the NTB provincial government was also actively pursuing a flagship program, namely Zero Waste or implementing a healthy and clean lifestyle which is largely in line with the EPPIC competition.

"Therefore, with the help of the organizers we really need a company or technology that is serious about processing plastic waste in our own place. So that plastic waste management can be realized immediately to support the beauty and cleanliness of Mandalika as a superpriority area," said the Governor. As a super priority destination that is currently being developed by the government, as well as the holding of a MotoGP event at the end of 2021, which is likely to be attended by hundreds of thousands of spectators from all over the world, according to the Governor, this number is automatically vulnerable to the amount of plastic waste that will pollute. area, both on land and sea.

 "For this reason, by holding the EPPIC competition in our place, it is hoped that a great plastic waste processing innovation will be born. So that companies that have waste processing technology will come to our place. If we need land and infrastructure, we will prepare it. If plastic waste processing can be done in NTB, automatically. provide motivation for other provinces in Indonesia, "said the Governor.

Meanwhile, Deputy for Coordination of Environment and Forestry Management of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Nani Hendiarti, revealed that Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagic countries in the world with abundant marine product potential. But behind this potential, Indonesia's marine ecosystem has a level of vulnerability to dangerous plastic waste pollution if it is not handled with real action or brilliant innovations from all parties.

"This competition is a clear proof of the involvement of Asean countries in dealing with plastic waste in the sea. So it is hoped that it will be able to handle and minimize waste pollution in the sea," he said when launching the EPPIC Phase II - Indonesia event.

He hopes that this competition will be able to give birth to innovators in society and youth to handle plastic waste with the currently developing technology. This is because this competition is one of the main keys to overcoming the problem of plastic waste. (*)

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