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BPIW Chief Makes Visit to Lake Toba

Ir. Rachman Arief Dienaputra, M.Eng as Head of the Regional Infrastructure Development Agency (RIDA) of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing visited the Lake Toba Area on March 5, 2022.

This visit is intended the monitor the implementation of activities of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) which is sourced from loan funds through the Integrated Tourism Development Project (ITDP).

This visit was attended by Ir. A. Gani Ghazaly Akman, M.Eng.Sc, Chairman of the Central Project Management Unit (CPMU), accompanied by Ir. Kuswardono, MCP as Head of PUPR Infrastructure Development Center Region II and also Vice Chairman of CPMU, Dr. Ir. Hari Suko Setiono, M.Eng.Sc as Head of PUPR Infrastructure Development Center Region I, Syafriel Tansier as Head of BPPW North Sumatera and Ir. Brawijaya,  S.E., M.Eng.I.E., MSCE., Ph.D as Head of the National Road Implementation Center (BBPJN) of North Sumatera and staff members. Also Deputy Team Leader Project Management Support (PMS-ITDP), Jaka Sumanta.

This visit began by monitoring the preservation activities of Bukit Tinggi, Siantar-Parapat road, and reviewing the readiness of the construction of the Aek Natolu-Ajibata-Parapat road.

Furthermore, the team continued to cross to Samosir Island to review the readiness of the Waterfront City and Tele View Tower development plans.

In the evening the Head of BPIW received the arrival of Vice Regent Samosir Martua Sitanggang at Samosir Cottage, Tuktuk, Samosir Regency.

In the meeting, the Deputy Regent conveyed a request for support for infrastructure development in Samosir Regency as a super-priority destination area of Lake Toba.

At the end of the Meeting, He gave Souvenirs to the Head of BPIW, the Chairman of CPMU, and the team from the Center in the form of Ulos cloth.

On the second day of the Agenda continued coordination of discussions on Waterfront City attended by the Head of BPPW North Sumatera, Sumatera River Region Hall II in the framework of Update Information related to the Waterfront City Pangururan development plan.

In the meeting, it was agreed on follow-up steps to accelerate handling by doing, among others:

1. Permitted development is not required in the study in terms of environmental sustainability or Directorate General of Water Resources (DGWR/SDA);

2. Buildings that have not been domesticated need technical and countermeasures;

3. SOPs are required for post-development handover;

4. To complete this DGWR and Directorate General of Human Settlements (DGHS) Team will hold a meeting to compile justification so that it is expected that the construction of Waterfront City will be implemented soon.

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